Better to have a Busy Mind than a Dull One

How busy is your mind? It has long been suggested that great people start by having a busy mind. Part of the challenge of a busy mind is the process of continually sifting through all the ideas that keep popping up, assessing them, analysing them, and seeing how they can affect what they are working on.

The Effect of the Busy Mind

It is always important to have a busy mind. When you don’t have this you mind will start to wander, and often that is to places it should not go (places like the many problems that you have going on in your life). It is good to stop those problems from bothering you, as they tend to take you to dark places that your mind should not be visiting.
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Complex Mind from

If the mind does not have time to ponder those dark issues it will tend to be more productive, we produce better results, thinking through the problems and challenges you are working on and figuring out what is the best/most desirable outcome. This is almost a daily challenge. Ever woken up at the small hours in the morning, haunted by those dark problems? Chances are you did not plant the seed of an idea for your mind to work through before you went into your sleep cycle and those ideas to work on can make all the difference to a restful sleep..

I have had many sleepless nights (particularly during my troubled times) and when I analyse what happened it was certainly a case of allowing my fears to stand in the way of the new possibilities and when I stopped dwelling on my fears a positive result ensued. We all make this mistake from time to time, yet the important thing is not to have it stand in your way, learn from last nights restlessness and tell yourself either positive thoughts or things you wish to achieve when you go to bed.

The Problems may Still Exist

Sure the problem will still be there in the morning – or will it?┬áTruth is there are times when problems actually go away when left to simmer for a while. You (or perhaps someone else) realise that things were not quite as bad as you first imagined them to be. Truth is we have a habit of inflating the importance or urgency of problems, beyond all reason.
Why do we do that? Obviously things like bills still need to get paid, and the chances are you still need to resolve that problem at work but really it is a good idea to question the relative importance of everything we face and make sure you address everything with the right priority. That bill does not have to be paid till next week, so leave it for a couple of days while you work on other more important things. Truth is many don’t know the importance of that work problem – they forget to ask. Do not assume it must be done immediately (which most of us do), but more often than not there is no demand for immediacy, so the work can be slotted in at the appropriate time and still be ready ahead of schedule.
One day I had an employee on my team, Jeff, come screaming into my office saying he could not take it anymore, so much work had been dumped on his lap, he detailed everything he had to complete, most of which were for projects I knew about. One task had come from another manager, a request for some information – he simply assumed it was needed this week, as it happened I had spoken with this manager a short while before and knew the work was not required till the end of the month. Jeff had not asked when it was needed, he simply assumed it was needed right away, when it was not.
The point here is we have to put the problems into some kind of perspective and maybe you have to realise that not all are needed now, there are some you can do nothing at all about and there are some that really are someone else’s problem and should be avoided at all costs.

Get Busy Again!

What do you wish to achieve? This is a great question because it has the capability of making you think about the positive things you have going on in your life. We all have a tendency to get bogged down in out problems when we should spend more time thinking about the positives in out life.
Write down the things you must achieve, and make sure you start achieving them. I have a small dry-wipe board which I write my daily goals on and take pleasure is crossing them out when I complete something.

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