Moving Beyond, “Write What You Know”

Writing is a great challenge for many people even to write about subject matter that is familiar to them, yet a good writer will from time to time be asked to write beyond what they know, I provide a link today to a great article, written a couple of years ago, by writer Marilyn Davies about the challenge she faced was asked to write about a subject she was unfamiliar with. The challenge is that writing about what you know almost becomes second nature once you have become a writer and have chosen to regularly contribute through a blog, professional journal, etc.

It is like a zoologist being asked to discuss botany, of course they know something about the subject, because they know animals eat and interact with plants, they know about plants, but they do so from a different aspect. A writer knows how to use words because they use them all the time. Marilyn Davies is an addiction specialist, which is largely what she wrote about, until one day being asked to write about writing, the rest is history…

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2 Replies to “Moving Beyond, “Write What You Know””

  1. Marilyn L. Davis says: Reply

    Hi, Peter; thanks for reblogging this – missed this earlier this month. Don’t want you to think I’m ungrateful for your support.

    1. Peter B. Giblett says: Reply

      Marilyn, It is simply not possible to see everything the second it is published. I am glad to re-blog. I have deiceded re-blogging is a good way to keep my site going, even when I am unable to write a new post.

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