Writing… What Will It Do for You?

Persuaded to revis­it past work online, in notebooks, stored on thumb drives and disks. As I reviewed these pieces, I found myself on a trip down memory lane.”


Memory Lane

Route 66 - Memory Lane CC0 Public DomainIn “Writing… What it will do for You” the writer notices (because of a liter­ary trip down memory lane) how her writing has changed over the years and during various differ­ent stages in her life.

Truth this doesn’t just happen to every writer, it impact every­one, full stop. Nobody is born perfect, there­fore we must grow during our lifetime. That is a simple, undeni­able, fact. Although I do question what some people learn.

Route 66 is a classic American highway that doesn’t really exist in the era of the modern highway. Yet, it is something that people associ­ate with a classic memory. A point­er back to an earli­er, perhaps more simple, time. It sparks something romantic when discussed. It is still possible to follow the route today, but it repres­ents more an idea than a physic­al reality. The thing about memor­ies is that they impact all of us differ­ently.


Great Author


I was reading an early book by a great American author and have to say that it is signi­fic­antly differ­ent to his later works. Showing perhaps a little more energy coated with some naivety and principles forgot­ten in his later work.

The point here is every writer should be growing and learn­ing from their work. What matters is not wheth­er you are writing a blog or the next great novel the same should be true. You will use words and sentences to construct it. In doing this you will go through phases. Your mindset will change. Sometimes you will tackle head-on the awkward question. At other times you will avoid it.




A project which many years ago you felt impossible can suddenly become possible because of your growth.

Every writer should grow, it is an essen­tial part of being a writer, growing can be about writing more empower­ing sentences or it can be about tackling unknown subjects. Writing is more than construct­ing a grocery list, make it count. What will it do for you? This is always a good question to ask. Growth is vital.


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