Writing… What Will It Do for You?

In this blog post the writer notices (because of a lit­er­ary trip down mem­o­ry lane) how her writ­ing has changed over the years and dur­ing var­i­ous dif­fer­ent stages in her life. Truth this should hap­pen to every writer, as it is not pos­si­ble to be born per­fect, I was read­ing an ear­ly book by a great Amer­i­can author and have to say that it is sig­nif­i­cant­ly dif­fer­ent to his lat­er works, the point here is every writer should be grow­ing and learn­ing from their work and it mat­ters not whether you are writ­ing an addic­tion and recov­ery blog or the next great nov­el the same should be true, you will learn to con­struct you work dif­fer­ent, you will go through phras­es and at some tack­le head-on a project which many years ago you felt impossible.

Every writer should grow, it is an essen­tial part of being a writer, grow­ing can be about writ­ing more empow­er­ing sen­tences or it can be about tack­ling unknown sub­jects. Writ­ing is more than con­struct­ing a gro­cery list, make it count.


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5 Replies to “Writing… What Will It Do for You?”

  1. Peter, thanks so much for the reblog!!!

    1. Peter B. Giblett says: Reply

      Lydia, one of the things I have decid­ed to do is re-post good items when I find them, this way it keeps the blog being updat­ed regularly.

      1. I will join you, feel free to email me any­thing you think we should reblog or tweet.

  2. I relate to all this bril­liant­ly writ­ten post. 😊

  3. Peter B. Giblett says: Reply

    I think that is an impor­tant way of gain­ing read­er­ship. I used to think it was bad for an article’s SEO then I realised that none of the text of the item is actu­al­ly stored on your blog so it breaks none of the rules. I will be re-blog­ging more pieces, it is my goal to post 2 or 3 times a week, the oth­er aspect to con­sid­er is of course guest posting.

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