From Chris Brecheen: That Year We Forgot Blog’s Birthday

One of the many blogs that I fol­low is by Chris Brecheen called “Writ­ing About Writ­ing (And Occa­sion­al­ly Some Writ­ing)” and a cou­ple of days ago I came across a won­der­ful piece that he had writ­ten about for­get­ting the birth­day of the blog he had cre­at­ed, the sto­ry opens:

Blog Birthday by Chris Brecheen
Blog Birth­day by Chris Brecheen

The breath I took with my hand on the door­knob could nev­er be deep enough.

I ignored the “Go Away” and “Knock First” signs, and stepped in, at first think­ing that I would flick the lights on, but then decid­ing that the pas­tel rain­bow thrown off by the line of lava lamps was kind of nice. Blog was lying in bed lis­ten­ing to head­phones and fac­ing away from the door.

You didn’t knock,” Blog said.“I know,” I said. I went over and sat on the edge of the bed. Blog shift­ed fur­ther over and showed me more of its back.

I’m sor­ry,” I said.

As Chris’s blog is on Blog­ger it is not pos­si­ble to re-post it in the con­ven­tion­al way that I would for a Word­Press blog, but the arti­cle  is one that I thought oth­ers should see because it is all about the rela­tion­ship between the writer and the blog that they have cre­at­ed. For­get­ting the birth­day is like for­get­ting its exis­tence, some­thing we should nev­er do to our blog. I have done this once and it is not some­thing I wish to repeat.
Take a look at Chris’s won­der­ful post “That Year We For­got Blog’s Birth­day” and recall how spe­cial your own blog is for a few moments, take a lit­tle time to cher­ish it, also take some time to make your blog spe­cial once again. Once we cre­ate it our blog should be spe­cial, our ideas move on but our blog should be a com­pan­ion that helps us grow
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