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There are thousands of websites and blogs written by writers that are all giving advice on how to become a better writer, I wonder if it is the most popular subject matter on the web. When I came across the concept of “The 100 Best Websites for Writers” being voted on at the tail end of last year I was curious about what sites would be awarded a position on the honour roll, especially when Two Drops of Ink, a site I once contributed to was listed for the first time. I aim here to highlight a few of my favourites, but there are plenty of very useful sites that are not discussed here and you should not infer anything by their omission.

Competence from Pixabay by Geralt CC0 Public DomainCopyBlogger’s blog is loaded with good ideas about delivering compelling content and how to market it, this site has been available for a long time and continues to give good advice. Darren Rowse and the ProBlogger team bring you all the latest news and tips to build a better blog at problogger.net – I have been following Darren for many years on social media and have liked the high quality information that his team provides. Untamed Writing informs it’s readers about building a freelance writing career, including a wide variety of advice such as morning routines to get you working. Neil Patel is an SEO specialist who writes about driving traffic to you blog on Quick Sprout, a site that I have used for research on many occasions over many years and highly recommend if you are looking for greater visibility he I suggest that if Mr Patel says something about making your writing more visible you should be paying attention.

A recent post of mine may also assist writers, this is 34 services to help publicise your writing, which was intended to identify certain sites that can help any blogger with their publicity work.

High Income Business Writing is a resource by Ed Gandia helping those freelance writers that are focused on business writing to earn a living from their writing, this blog contains much about motivation and improving your writing skills. The Men with Pens blog also covers crafting excellent web-based copy-writing for business web sites. Another business focused writing blog is The Story of Telling which provides fascinating information based on their knowledge of telling the story of the brand.

Coach from Pixabay by Emslichter CC0 Public Domain

Ann Kroeker is an author and writing coach writes on a variety of topics that should interest the writer, such as “manage your writing space to be a more productive writer” these are the types of topics that should interest most writers, not directly about writing but offering advice that garner improvement and is the type of site I am trying to turn GobbledeGoox into. Shelley Hitz is another writer with blogging advice her advice relates to getting your message to shine through. Helping Writers Become Authors is another one of those sites that provides articles on points where many writers are weak, such as common writing mistakes, the intent of course to help writers improve their craft and has provided me with research material from time to time.

Bane of your resistance, is a blog by Rosanne Bane which is not afraid to ask basic questions like “why write at all?” as she encourages you to look at your writing goals, I shall be looking further at her ideas in the future, there may be a touch of cynicism – but I believe that is sometimes necessary to drive us forward. Mandy Wallace Write or Die also investigates how the writer’s brain works and how their mind contributes to their art, I am a great believer that a writer’s mind is special, but at the same time anyone can become a writer if they are prepared to make the leap.

Fictional World by Das Wortewand Pixabay CC0 Public DomainOn the fiction writing front Janice Hardy‘s Fiction University offers a great deal of advice on fictional writing, how to build strong characters  and other related topics. Also Ink and Quills by Kaitlin Hillerich offers many tools to help you tell your story more effectively, but sadly, in my view, the site is poorly laid out. Further Live Write Breathe by Janalyn Voigt is again full of advice about developing fictional stories. Each of these blogs can be helpful, but my advice is read then well before you start creating your story to ensure your creativity flows when you need it to.

Rachelle Gardner, a Literary Agent, Editor & Publishing Coach offers much writing, literary and publication advice on her blog also discussing honing your elevator pitch, ways to write a query letter and much more besides. Stand Out Books‘ blog offers much advice on story writing but also has resources designed to help you get your book published.

Writer Unboxed is another worthwhile fiction resource that contains stories about acceptance and rejection by publishers. Author Joanna Penn in her site The Creative Penn  has a lot of useful information about publishing which I have referenced on several occasions, but in my view her site is too busy and full of clutter so the information you need is sometimes hard to find. Cathy’s Comps and Calls is an interesting resource every month Cathy Bryant publishes a list of competitions and calls for submission which should help writers find appropriate information in order to submit their work. Former publisher Jane Friedman‘s blog explores the intersection of publishing, authorship, and the digital age, looking at issues such as writer’s identity social networking etc. Roz Morris‘s writing lab explores many issues of writing, editing and publication.

Another interesting site is Freelancers Union which is campaigning for better rates of pay for freelance writers.


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  1. Thanks for including me in the roundup! I hope to continue serving writers with valuable and encouraging content to keep them motivated. Sounds like you and I have similar goals–I’ll watch your work for content to promote!

  2. Thanks for the mention Peter. Two Drops of Ink has since one that award again in 2017, and has one two other awards, one for being in the top 50 literary blogs, and another for being listed among 110 of the best writer’s blogs. Our collaboration wth other writers, as well as as advice baout writing, grammar, and a list of great reads, has created a buzz in the blogoshpere. Glad to have you back as a contributing writer. Have a great weekend. Scott Biddulph/Editor-in-Chief

    1. Peter B. Giblett says: Reply

      Scott, I am well aware of the new honours that have been awarded to Two Drops. It is excellent. I will probably take a look at the best sites to help writers in the future (perhaps at the tails end of the year). This time though, I shall prepare my own list of great resources for writers.

    2. Opps **has since won** typo (laughing). Have a great holiday wekend Peter.

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