Writing on Different Topics in Different Places

Once you get the writing bug become a part of you it seems almost inevitably to lead you down the path of writing about anything and everything. One of my writer buddies is a ghost writer and has written about a large range of topics, from snow clearance to detailed engineering and computing articles. However when you open a blog it is inevitably focused on a single subject, such as:
  • Llama in the Andes by Sebadelval CC0 Public Domain PixabayHiking through the Andes
  • Health & Fitness for Busy People
  • Self Defence
  • Using technology in small business
  • Getting Microsoft Certified
  • Personal financial management

It becomes your personal magazine and interface to the whole world. Of course anyone can go hiking through the Andes mountains, provided you are fit enough, there is no specialist knowledge required just the dedication to complete it, but many of the other topics listed here are focused in specific directions, such as attaining that Microsoft certification and the person writing it should bring with them a lot of specialist knowledge. It is rare for specialist blogs to cover a mixture of topics, they may do so for a little light relief (for example by adding a post to bring a little Christmas humour at the relevant time) but generally speaking all content is focused on the subject at hand, penned by appropriate experts.

If you wish to write on multiple topics then a blog may not be the best approach for you, perhaps you would like to write for a general writing site where any topic is open for contributions. Alternatively you could have a specialist blog and branch out and become a guest writer on another site, there is no reason why our Microsoft certification specialist would not love crochet as a hobby, they could write the occasional piece on a knitting circle blog (but take the opportunity to make a link back to their technical blog at the same time). Truth is people have diverse knowledge, here are some of the things that I have knowledge of:

  • Information Technology strategic management
  • Law (having completed a law degree and associated post graduate studies)
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Words, word-craft, and writing
  • Copy-writing, proof reading, and editing
  • Football (NFL and soccer), Baseball, and Cricket
  • Driving
  • Photography
  • Politics and democracy (well everyone has an opinion on this)
  • Travel

If I am honest I also know about many other things as well, these are are what I would class as core competencies or interests. I have many experiences of driving, but not as many tales to tell as a professional driver, such as a bus driver of long distance trucker. I have traveled widely, seen many places, but there are also many places I have yet to travel to or may never go to, so can offer no opinion on. Things like politics and religion anyone can offer an opinion on and arguably ought to be encouraged to do so at certain intervals, but they are not necessarily topics I would include here on GoggledeGoox though.

This is why having multiple writing outlets is a very good idea for any writer. This blog is about words, word-craft, and writing, at one time I also wrote for Two Drops of Ink, a literary Blog for writing advice, grammar, poetry, and prose and of course there is much in common between the two with Two Drops being more focused on pure literary elements whereas GobbledeGoox is more about blog related components, yet by working on both sites I am building a readership both individually and as a part of a group and regularly cross link articles. I remain bitterly loyal to Two Drops of Ink and am thankful for the advice from Scott Biddulph and his team. In addition I also write on other subjects at:

I have considered writing at other sites but do not wish to spread myself too thin, here at GoggledeGoox and at Two Drops the thoughts are similar, writing about the challenges of writing.
Growth out of Chaos by Geralt CC0 Public Domain PixabayThen I feel I need to explain what distinguishes the two sites. Two Drops was created by Scott Biddulph as a way of providing writing and grammar advice, look at poetry and prose as well as the challenges of writing in particular genres or getting works published, I am proud to have been a member of the team at Two Drops, but in creating GobbledeGoox I realised that I needed something more, I am fascinated by the gobbledygook we all create from time to time and wished to concentrate on growth out of chaos and in turn routes to writing excellence, the challenge of writing is a fascinating subject and I love the piece provided by Lydia Oyetunji about her challenges of writing on the road, I am on the lookout for other pieces by writers, what obstacles do you have to overcome with your writing?
 Should anyone commission me to write a specific piece about a specific topic then I will always write such a piece, indeed commissions (with or without an associated byline) are increasingly the way I am paid. The truth is for any writer by spreading your wings anything is possible.


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2 Replies to “Writing on Different Topics in Different Places”

  1. Great point. I completely understand your point on ‘spreading yourself too thin’. I’m in that boat of blogging about whatever comes to mind, not exactly a recipe for a thousand hits a day. Some things to consider, for sure.

    1. Peter B. Giblett says: Reply

      I have been there and done that, I also used to write about any topic I fancied on my specialist blog. then readership started declining.

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