Getting Started with Social Media: Pinterest

Pin­ter­est is dif­fer­ent to most social media sites in that it was built around the con­cept of pin­ning pic­tures and shar­ing them with the world.

This post is re-blogged from Two Drops of Ink. Lydia Oyetun­ji takes a lot of effort to explain how Pin­ter­est works and how you can use it to your advan­tage, it is one of the newest social media sites and has grown to become quite pop­u­lar in such a short peri­od and as with every oth­er social site does help any blog writer pro­mote their site from both a social and SEO perspective.

The oth­er aspect of the site, that I have learnt, is that it is very easy to grow a fol­low­ing. If I am guilty of any­thing in respect of Pin­ter­est it is that I don’t post enough, some­thing which because of Lydia’s encour­age­ment I am com­mit­ted to doing more of.

Lydia says…

In 1980 social media made its first début in the form of “Inter­net Relay Chats” (IRC). Inter­net relay chat empow­ered us to send chat mes­sages over the inter­net. Nine years lat­er “Six Degrees” was cre­at­ed and evolved into a major way for peo­ple and com­pa­nies to com­mu­ni­cate. Six Degrees users could upload a pro­file and befriend oth­er site users. Blog­ging didn’t become a pop­u­lar form of social media until 1999.

Social media start­ed chang­ing the world and the way we com­mu­ni­cat­ed in 2000. Remem­ber Myspace? Pho­to­buck­et and Flickr were at the top of pho­to shar­ing, but now we have Picasa and Insta­gram, which are now the lead­ers by far.

In this arti­cle, I will explain the fea­tures and ben­e­fits of some pop­u­lar social media sites. How these sites are cur­rent­ly utilized.

Source: Get­ting Start­ed with Social Media: Pinterest


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