The Ups and Downs of Writing – By Nancy Czerwinski

Today I proudly introduce a guest piece by Nancy Czerwinski in my series about the challenges of writing. I encountered Nancy through Wikinut and have to say we have been great friends over the last few years, As she explains Nancy loves to write fiction and I truly believe that her work will be appreciated by the youth she writes for, I can see her reading to a library room full of wide-eyed children.

Nancy Czerwinski

Writing is very important to me. Writing is a passion that knows no bounds. Writers have the world at their fingertips, they can change the world with the stroke of a key. I love writing children’s books, which are a delight to me because I want to make children smile which is why I have devoted so much time to writing.  Everyone needs a goal and this just happens to be mine.  As a little girl playing make-believe was a favorite game of mine. It has continued throughout my adult years.  The ideas appear randomly and make the best stories.  At the present time I’m writing a book about a feisty pink dragon, she’s a character that will delight both young and old.  The characters in my stories become real to me. To be able to relate to a character from your imagination is truly a gift.  Ideas come as I stroke each key on my keyboard.  This approach would not work for everyone but it’s the way my mind works and it’s been an asset for me.

My love for writing started about the time I learned how to read in grade school.  The library was a very important place for me, it was always quiet and the librarian made sure of that.  My dream was to work in a place where I was surrounded by books.  Mysteries held a special place in my heart but later fantasy caught my eye and I never turned back.  Fantasy became my calling and creating stories of make believe became my specialty.  If I was talking to a new writer I would say visit your imagination, it may open up a whole new world to you.

Writing is very fulfilling but there are a few pitfalls that new writers should be aware of.  When you begin writing you will have to squeeze in time for all the mundane chores that are waiting for youEach day I write but I still have to clean, wash clothes, feed my family and pay bills.  These are all things that I must make time for each day. In the beginning you work very hard and put your heart and soul into your writing but the profits are small and far between until you build up a fan club of followers on social sites.  I highly recommend Twitter and Facebook for a start.

At times you will need what I call a lifeline. Writers have a tendency to stick together through thick and thin, they will read your books and give you honest opinions of your work and that is what I call priceless.  I have made truly wonderful friends over the years and they have encouraged me as well as being an inspiration on many levels.  Trading any of them would not be an option for me.  They are all close to my heart.   If I were to wish one thing for new writers I would wish for honest and caring followers.  They will help you along the way.  If you ever feel like giving up they will be there to encourage and lift you up to continue along your path.

One necessity is to set aside a quiet and peaceful time to write. In my case I have to get up very early in the morning to get everyone in my family where they need to be.  My day begins at 4:30 a.m. I turn on the coffee and start my computer.  Coffee is very important at this early hour.  At this time I sit down in front of my computer screen and begin to write.  The house is quiet and the day has not kicked into high gear.  It is just me and my computer.  There is only about a half hour to work but I get a tremendous amount of work done in this time period.  It’s a great way to start my day.

Molly – One of the heroes

In closing I would like to say that although writing can be hard I do believe it is worth every stroke of the key.  My goal is to make people smile and I believe I have accomplished my goal.  I will keep writing and sharing with the world. I hope to make people smile far into the future.  I have attached a few links to my work on Wikinut.  I hope they make you smile.

Dynamic Duo stories

I would like to thank Nancy for her contribution and also include a link to the prior guest post by Lydia Oyetunji, called “Truck Driving and Writing: A Perfectly Imperfect Union“.



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  1. Peter, thank you so much for the opportunity to share my thoughts with everyone. I value your friendship and thank you for all that I have learned from you.

  2. Peter B. Giblett says: Reply

    I thank you for contributing, as you said writers have to stick together and support each other.

  3. Wonderful article. Always interesting to hear how individual writers work. Well done!

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