The Ups and Downs of Writing — By Nancy Czerwinski

Today I proud­ly intro­duce a guest piece by Nan­cy Czer­win­s­ki in my series about the chal­lenges of writ­ing. I encoun­tered Nan­cy through Wik­in­ut and have to say we have been great friends over the last few years, As she explains Nan­cy loves to write fic­tion and I tru­ly believe that her work will be appre­ci­at­ed by the youth she writes for, I can see her read­ing to a library room full of wide-eyed children.

Nancy Czerwinski

Writ­ing is very impor­tant to me. Writ­ing is a pas­sion that knows no bounds. Writ­ers have the world at their fin­ger­tips, they can change the world with the stroke of a key. I love writ­ing children’s books, which are a delight to me because I want to make chil­dren smile which is why I have devot­ed so much time to writ­ing.  Every­one needs a goal and this just hap­pens to be mine.  As a lit­tle girl play­ing make-believe was a favorite game of mine. It has con­tin­ued through­out my adult years.  The ideas appear ran­dom­ly and make the best sto­ries.  At the present time I’m writ­ing a book about a feisty pink drag­on, she’s a char­ac­ter that will delight both young and old.  The char­ac­ters in my sto­ries become real to me. To be able to relate to a char­ac­ter from your imag­i­na­tion is tru­ly a gift.  Ideas come as I stroke each key on my key­board.  This approach would not work for every­one but it’s the way my mind works and it’s been an asset for me.

My love for writ­ing start­ed about the time I learned how to read in grade school.  The library was a very impor­tant place for me, it was always qui­et and the librar­i­an made sure of that.  My dream was to work in a place where I was sur­round­ed by books.  Mys­ter­ies held a spe­cial place in my heart but lat­er fan­ta­sy caught my eye and I nev­er turned back.  Fan­ta­sy became my call­ing and cre­at­ing sto­ries of make believe became my spe­cial­ty.  If I was talk­ing to a new writer I would say vis­it your imag­i­na­tion, it may open up a whole new world to you.

Writ­ing is very ful­fill­ing but there are a few pit­falls that new writ­ers should be aware of.  When you begin writ­ing you will have to squeeze in time for all the mun­dane chores that are wait­ing for youEach day I write but I still have to clean, wash clothes, feed my fam­i­ly and pay bills.  These are all things that I must make time for each day. In the begin­ning you work very hard and put your heart and soul into your writ­ing but the prof­its are small and far between until you build up a fan club of fol­low­ers on social sites.  I high­ly rec­om­mend Twit­ter and Face­book for a start.

At times you will need what I call a life­line. Writ­ers have a ten­den­cy to stick togeth­er through thick and thin, they will read your books and give you hon­est opin­ions of your work and that is what I call price­less.  I have made tru­ly won­der­ful friends over the years and they have encour­aged me as well as being an inspi­ra­tion on many lev­els.  Trad­ing any of them would not be an option for me.  They are all close to my heart.   If I were to wish one thing for new writ­ers I would wish for hon­est and car­ing fol­low­ers.  They will help you along the way.  If you ever feel like giv­ing up they will be there to encour­age and lift you up to con­tin­ue along your path.

One neces­si­ty is to set aside a qui­et and peace­ful time to write. In my case I have to get up very ear­ly in the morn­ing to get every­one in my fam­i­ly where they need to be.  My day begins at 4:30 a.m. I turn on the cof­fee and start my com­put­er.  Cof­fee is very impor­tant at this ear­ly hour.  At this time I sit down in front of my com­put­er screen and begin to write.  The house is qui­et and the day has not kicked into high gear.  It is just me and my com­put­er.  There is only about a half hour to work but I get a tremen­dous amount of work done in this time peri­od.  It’s a great way to start my day.

Mol­ly — One of the heroes

In clos­ing I would like to say that although writ­ing can be hard I do believe it is worth every stroke of the key.  My goal is to make peo­ple smile and I believe I have accom­plished my goal.  I will keep writ­ing and shar­ing with the world. I hope to make peo­ple smile far into the future.  I have attached a few links to my work on Wik­in­ut.  I hope they make you smile.

Dynam­ic Duo stories

I would like to thank Nan­cy for her con­tri­bu­tion and also include a link to the pri­or guest post by Lydia Oyetun­ji, called “Truck Dri­ving and Writ­ing: A Per­fect­ly Imper­fect Union”.



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  1. Peter, thank you so much for the oppor­tu­ni­ty to share my thoughts with every­one. I val­ue your friend­ship and thank you for all that I have learned from you.

  2. Peter B. Giblett says: Reply

    I thank you for con­tribut­ing, as you said writ­ers have to stick togeth­er and sup­port each other.

  3. Won­der­ful arti­cle. Always inter­est­ing to hear how indi­vid­ual writ­ers work. Well done!

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