7 Deadly Sins of Blog Post Writing

Jeff Bullas’s post is a great intro­duc­tion to the things blog writer can do wrong and they are lessons we should all learn, I guaran­tee you will have made one of these mistakes, I know that I have, but I have also learned the lesson and try to avoid these mistakes in the future. They are something that every writer should learn, the reason for reblog­ging them here today:

In the realm of writing, one could easily confirm that blogging is more of a science than an art. Great content is key to any to any great blog, but if that’s the only thing you have to offer, then your blog isn’t likely to go anywhere.


There is a world of inform­a­tion about algorithms, lead optim­iz­a­tion, SEO and keyword searches, and more, all designed to get your content seen by a massive audience. But beyond those big things, there are some little details, that, when ignored, have the power to ruin a poten­tially success­ful blog.

Here is a list of seven blog killers to avoid, they are easy mistakes to make, just bear them in mind as you manage your blog:

  1. Writing text-only posts
  2. Not having a consist­ent publish­ing sched­ule
  3. Not using social media to promote your blog

For the rest of these tips you will have to click the link []

Source: 7 Deadly Sins of Blog Post Writing

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