7 Deadly Sins of Blog Post Writing

Jeff Bullas’s post is a great intro­duc­tion to the things blog writer can do wrong and they are lessons we should all learn, I guar­an­tee you will have made one of these mis­takes, I know that I have, but I have also learned the les­son and try to avoid these mis­takes in the future. They are some­thing that every writer should learn, the rea­son for reblog­ging them here today:

In the realm of writ­ing, one could eas­i­ly con­firm that blog­ging is more of a sci­ence than an art. Great con­tent is key to any to any great blog, but if that’s the only thing you have to offer, then your blog isn’t like­ly to go anywhere.


There is a world of infor­ma­tion about algo­rithms, lead opti­miza­tion, SEO and key­word search­es, and more, all designed to get your con­tent seen by a mas­sive audi­ence. But beyond those big things, there are some lit­tle details, that, when ignored, have the pow­er to ruin a poten­tial­ly suc­cess­ful blog.

Here is a list of sev­en blog killers to avoid, they are easy mis­takes to make, just bear them in mind as you man­age your blog:

  1. Writ­ing text-only posts
  2. Not hav­ing a con­sis­tent pub­lish­ing schedule
  3. Not using social media to pro­mote your blog

For the rest of these tips you will have to click the link []

Source: 7 Dead­ly Sins of Blog Post Writing

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