34 Services to Help with Publicity

It would be great if each blog writer could engage the Internet’s equiv­a­lent of the town crier to pub­li­cise their work ~ Anon.
I remem­ber the first blog post I ever wrote, look­ing back nowa­days I recall it had a cou­ple of errors in it, but the great­est chal­lenge I had was hav­ing peo­ple I knew read what I had writ­ten, I need­ed that Town Crier. Aside from cre­at­ing their mas­ter­pieces the great­est activ­i­ty any writer needs to be com­mit­ted to is pub­li­cis­ing the writ­ing on their blog and across the web there are many web­sites that have been cre­at­ed to aid those pub­lic­i­ty efforts, each works slight­ly dif­fer­ent­ly, but each has it’s val­ue in show­cas­ing your work and are clas­si­fied as:
  • Social Net­works
  • Social Shar­ing
  • Book­mark­ing, and
  • Spe­cial­ist ser­vices


Truth is on-line writ­ers need to lever­age all the tools avail­able in order to spread the mes­sage about their work, as most do not have the funds to engage the ser­vices of a pub­lic­i­ty com­pa­ny. It is unlike­ly that you will use every site list­ed, indeed some have very spe­cial­ist uses and will not be for everyone.
Hav­ing researched this over many years I am aware there are many ser­vices avail­able in lan­guages oth­er than Eng­lish, but I have not includ­ed those ser­vices here as I am unable to ful­ly explore their capa­bil­i­ties. These ser­vices that have been described here are, of course, sub­ject to change over time, but all were active at the time this arti­cle was written.

Social Networks

Like us on FacebookSocial media is the first place most writ­ers go to pub­li­cise their work. The first four should be famil­iar to most who read­ing this and need lit­tle com­ment. Most social net­works allow mul­ti­ple post­ings linked to the same page over time.
  • Face­book — Social net­work used by 2 bil­lion peo­ple world­wide. If you are only con­nect­ed to fam­i­ly and friends then it may be of lim­it­ed use to you, but if you con­nect with oth­ers shar­ing sim­i­lar pro­fes­sion­al goals then it can be a very use­ful pub­lic­i­ty tool.
  • Twit­ter — Social head­line site. you should post mate­r­i­al here reg­u­lar­ly and aim to build a large fol­low­ing (don’t be afraid to make your fol­low­ing massive) .
  • LinkedIn — A busi­ness focused social net­work, if you pro­duce busi­ness focused mate­r­i­al then this should be essen­tial to your pub­lic­i­ty goals.
  • Google Plus — Google’s social net­work, has a lot of blog com­mu­ni­ties which allows you to pub­li­cise your posts to peo­ple in your industry.
  • Xing — A busi­ness focused social Net­work main­ly active in Europe.
  • Yam­mer — Enter­prise based social network.
  • Tsu — A social net­work that claims to be like Face­book, but pays for posting.
  • Twoo — A social net­work and shar­ing site.

Sharing Sites

Pinterest LogoMany shar­ing sites use the term social net­work, but tend to allow a user to only share a page once, so they can be a lit­tle lim­it­ing, where­as those I have called social net­works do allow pages to be shared mul­ti­ple times which gives your pub­lic­i­ty efforts the abil­i­ty to run mul­ti­ple cam­paigns). They are social in that they have the con­cept of friends, but the types of posts you can have are more limited.
  • Pin­ter­est — A place to pin pic­tures (and asso­ci­at­ed words/links). It is easy to build a large com­mu­ni­ty here and a great place to share your work.
  • Arto — A shar­ing site (pri­mar­i­ly for pic­tures) but also links to arti­cles you have created.
  • Cork­board — Social site for post­ing pic­tures and video with links.


Delicious LogoAny­one can book­mark any web page but with most sites you can only book­mark a page once for each user. The orig­i­nal goal of social book­mark­ing is that any­one may book­mark any page that they like, this is the blog post we like, mag­a­zine arti­cle, etc. These site own­ers realised that mar­keters would take advan­tage for free adver­tis­ing, so lim­it­ed each per­son to post­ing a site only one time. Of course the writer is like the mar­ket­ing per­son, look­ing for fur­ther avenues to dis­play their work.
The first five in this list are the most well known pub­lic book­mark­ing sites.
  • Deli­cious — Pub­lic book­mark­ing site that car­ries advertising.
  • Digg — This site has a front page to show­case recent posts under its var­i­ous categories.
  • Diigo — Main­tains a library of links you have post­ed to the site, a social book­mark­ing site that allows users to link with oth­ers on the site, search for oth­er peo­ple based on specialty.
  • Red­dit — Pub­lic book­mark­ing and com­ment­ing site, allows any­one to post sites they like, which are dis­played on the main site. All pages book­marked on Red­dit are also post­ed on Twit­ter by Reddit.
  • Stum­ble­Upon — Pro­vides a brows­er tool­bar with a thumbs up for any page you like and pages are eas­i­ly added to the site.
  • Blog​marks​.net — A mul­ti-lin­gual social book­mark­ing ser­vice to share pages.
  • Bud­dy­marks — Claims to be “online per­son­al, group and social book­marks man­ag­er” that allows you to share book marks with friends.
  • Link­a­GoGo — Allows a user to add book­marks and favourites through its own tool bar.
  • Folkd — A site for stor­ing any page and shar­ing it with oth­ers on the site. A mul­ti-lin­gual site in Eng­lish Ger­man, French, and Spanish.
  • Netvouz — Allows you to cre­ate and opti­mise pub­lic book­marks. There are var­i­ous cat­e­gories already against which your page is linked.
  • Newsvine — Was orig­i­nal­ly start­ed as a news-wire ser­vice but has tran­si­tioned into a pub­lic book­mark­ing ser­vice that allows you to share pub­lished mate­r­i­al, you are, how­ev­er, not allowed to share your own work.
  • Star­tAid — A ser­vice for sav­ing all your book­marks and favourites on-line, which are shared publicly.
  • Stum­pe­dia — a human pow­ered search engine sup­port­ed by social book­mark­ing. The advan­tage of this site is that you don’t have to have an account to share a link (although you should if you intend to post a lot).
  • Xer­pi — Web and social book­mark­ing site.

Specialist Sharing Services

Buffer LogoVar­i­ous ser­vices that offer var­i­ous options that can be use­ful to the writer.
  • Buffer — Used to buffer a col­lec­tion of pages that will be post­ed to Twit­ter, LinkedIn, Face­book, and Google Plus in the future. I use this reg­u­lar­ly so that posts are added while I am busy work­ing on oth­er things.
  • Citeu­like —  Ser­vice for shar­ing, man­ag­ing and dis­cov­er­ing schol­ar­ly ref­er­ences as arti­cles are reg­u­lar­ly added. Can be used to share references.
  • Edmo­do — Edu­ca­tion­al resources for schools.
  • TheCher­ryShare — for food articles
  • N4G — A gam­ing com­mu­ni­ty which allows posts to be added.
  • MoShare — to share your posts to oth­ers via their mobile phone.
  • Embed­ly — Ser­vice that allows you to gen­er­ate html code that will allow you to embed a post on anoth­er site, a tool which can be used for re-blogging.
  • Live­Jour­nal — a pro­mo­tion­al site to post your work.
  • Flip­board — A news ser­vice which allows users to cre­ate their own magazines.
  • WeHeartIt — A place to save things you love.
In con­clu­sion I wish to say that all of the sites iden­ti­fied will help you with a part of your pub­lic­i­ty régime, you will need to exper­i­ment and find what works best for you. This arti­cle was not intend­ed to be a com­men­tary of which is best mere­ly a look at some tools that are available.



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9 Replies to “34 Services to Help with Publicity”

  1. Great com­pre­hen­sive list of resources, thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice list. (How nasty is Word­Press going to be today?) I avoid sites that encour­age indi­vid­u­als to post their real names on the Inter­net, so no Face­book. I liked Tsu at first, but appar­ent­ly every­one got dis­cour­aged by super-low pay rates and lots of garbage pic­tures. Thanks for the run-down anyhow.

  3. Peter B. Giblett says: Reply

    Post­ing under pseu­do­nyms can some­times be a lit­tle tough I agree, not that it has ever both­ered me. Regard­ing Tsu, it is my expe­ri­ence that it is very poor for pro­vid­ing traf­fic to your posts, which for a writer should be the pri­ma­ry rea­son for using any social site.

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