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Real writers realise that the creat­ive part of writing is only part of what you need to succeed as a writer, Leveraging the power of social sites like Twitter and Facebook are all import­ant, but sometimes it is essen­tial to consider using advert­ising, explains.


5 Ways Authors Can Use Facebook Advertising

I’ve got to admit that Twitter is still my favor­ite social network. It’s how I connect with influ­en­cers and find podcast guests, network with other author friends, and I use it to share inform­a­tion every day @thecreativepenn.


But after years of resist­ing, I have now come around to the fact that Facebook is the most power­ful advert­ising platform around because of its laser-targeting abilit­ies and the fact that most readers are more likely to be on Facebook than Twitter.


So in this article, I’ll go through how I’m using Facebook Advertising right now, which will hopefully give you some ideas for your own situation.

Source: 5 Ways That Authors Can Use Facebook Advertising | The Creative Penn

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