Is Your Life Really as Perfect as It Looks on Facebook?

I want­ed to pub­lish this unique con­tri­bu­tion. Although is not direct­ly about writ­ing, it’s very appro­pri­ate and comes from Sonia Vold­seth, a holis­tic life coach and coun­selor, and was pub­lished on Tiny Bud­dah I site I reg­u­lar­ly look at in order to find peace and inspi­ra­tion. The lessons from this post are some­thing that should be tak­en to heart by most writers.


Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it.” ~George R.R. Mar­tin, A Game of Thrones

So would most women.

This is the way we have encoun­tered life so far. Bet­ter to show the world just the social­ly accept­able and shove the rest under the rug. That’s where the hard truths go.

But we all know the trou­ble with the rug. Stuff builds up under the rug and even­tu­al­ly you land on your face. Hard truths don’t go away.

Social media is exac­er­bat­ing the his­tor­i­cal ten­den­cy to present only the pret­ty, so we’re jus­ti­fi­ably, and under­stand­ably, real­ly scared about putting the hard truth out there.

Nat­u­ral­ly, we don’t post that our rela­tion­ship is in trou­ble, or that we’re going to lose our busi­ness, or that we have a phys­i­cal ill­ness, or some deep emo­tion­al stuff that we’re work­ing through, or that we’ve been diag­nosed with anx­i­ety, or depres­sion, or have an addiction.

       If we did, it might bring a whole slew of sup­port, but it’s also a high-risk maneuver. 

Source: Is Your Life Real­ly as Per­fect as It Looks on Facebook?

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