Is Your Life Really as Perfect as It Looks on Facebook?

I wanted to publish this unique contribution. Although is not directly about writing, it’s very appropriate and comes from Sonia Voldseth, a holistic life coach and counselor, and was published on Tiny Buddah I site I regularly look at in order to find peace and inspiration. The lessons from this post are something that should be taken to heart by most writers.


“Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it.” ~George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

So would most women.

This is the way we have encountered life so far. Better to show the world just the socially acceptable and shove the rest under the rug. That’s where the hard truths go.

But we all know the trouble with the rug. Stuff builds up under the rug and eventually you land on your face. Hard truths don’t go away.

Social media is exacerbating the historical tendency to present only the pretty, so we’re justifiably, and understandably, really scared about putting the hard truth out there.

Naturally, we don’t post that our relationship is in trouble, or that we’re going to lose our business, or that we have a physical illness, or some deep emotional stuff that we’re working through, or that we’ve been diagnosed with anxiety, or depression, or have an addiction.

       If we did, it might bring a whole slew of support, but it’s also a high-risk maneuver.

Source: Is Your Life Really as Perfect as It Looks on Facebook?

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