Shattered Glass and the Pain of Not Writing

There is more in the world than writing” She said.

It is true there is more in the world than writing, but when you get an injury to your ankle, which causes so much pain that walking and stand­ing up are both impossible, it seems that the only thing in the world that makes any sense is writing. I spent about four hours in the hospit­al having various things checked out yester­day but it turns out there were no broken bones, so the doctor suspec­ted I may have a blood clot and it turns out that isn’t the case either. Of course all she could do at the end of the day was prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers then send me home.

What has this to do with writing or blogging?

I hate pain killers, they cause strange effects in your mind. A good question and indeed it has nothing to do with writing whatso­ever, except of course having time to write which I other­wise would not have had, and how we use time matters a lot. I had some work that needed complet­ing yester­day which is now delayed until I am well enough to do complete it. In the hospit­al I did spend time adding some notes to future articles that I am working on, using Evernote. Overall it serves to remind me that we must take advant­age of whatever time we have, wheth­er planned or unplanned to work on our passions and since that for me is writing then I shall spend  at least some of that time writing.

The shattered glass which is the featured image for this post is to remind us all that there are times when our desires don’t go to plan, those plans end up broken and we have to change course, but in my mind it doesn’t stop other things from happen­ing, the reason why I am writing today instead of repla­cing air condi­tion­er vents in the walls in bedrooms upstairs, such work would be agoniz­ing in my current physic­al state. I have changed my plans for today and as a part of that gain a little extra writing time, which I am glad of, but I am also conscious that it delays the comple­tion of all the changes to the house (anoth­er import­ant element of my life at the moment).

I sit here at my desk knowing that life is what we make of it and just because something breaks doesn’t mean it’s a disaster, I have anoth­er set of articles that need to be completed and readied for public­a­tion, maybe they will be ready sooner than I had planned as this has become a Monday morning writing session, which was not in my diary. It will also give me a little time for some publi­city activ­ity through Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and other services. I guess what I am saying is that this is bonus time, a time when maybe I will reach someone I have never reached before.

Sitting on Time by XavianDrew CC0 Public Domain from PixabayThere is more in this world than writing, I am all in favour of blend­ing your time but it is how you do that which matters most, that is how the innov­at­or makes things happen, they use time appro­pri­ately, and so also must the writer.

Truth is time can simply wind on by, I could be sleep­ing right now and wasting it all. It is possible that man is the only creature that considers the aspect of time and not just because they must plan what will happen tomor­row nor because they remem­ber the lessons of what happened yester­day but because they can also make a conscious decision to either waste it or use it. My compan­ion, the cat, is simply sitting on my desk purring in his sleep, he cares not about time, he has no plans, he isn’t hungry because he ate about an hour ago, he is simply loving life but also not knowing what the next moment will bring, will it be time to clean his paws or time to go out? Truth is we can happily take either approach and still be happy in life. Personally I find that I can’t simply sit on top of the sand in the hourglass letting time or sand trickle away, so I shall be spend­ing time prepar­ing my next pieces.



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