Provoke, Mine, and Activate Your Artistic DNA

Artistic DNA

This con­tri­bu­tion is sourced from the Writer Unboxed site and is pro­vid­ed by a guest author Ber­nice L. McFad­den. She is the author of nine nov­els includ­ing: Sug­ar, Lov­ing Dono­van, Nowhere Is a Place, The Warmest Decem­berGath­er­ing of Waters. Her thoughts on artis­tic DNA:

I don’t believe that cre­ative writ­ing can be taught. But I do believe that whether a pound or an ounce, we all have cre­ativ­i­ty with­in us. So, my job becomes not to teach my stu­dents how to write cre­ative­ly, but rather to expose them to cre­ative forms that pro­voke, mine, and acti­vate their own artis­tic DNA.

Artistic DNA?

McFad­den defines her­self as a self-taught writer who learned her craft through read­ing the works of writ­ers she enjoys. Shar­ing a back­ground as a self-taught writer this gave me a desire to learn more. I like the idea of hav­ing artis­tic DNA. Along­side hav­ing such a DNA, you must be able to pro­voke, mine and acti­vate your artis­tic DNA. How­ev­er I believe any skill can be taught and writ­ing is just anoth­er skill which may be acquired. Learn­ing sim­ply requires a stu­dent who is will­ing to learn and a skil­ful teacher will­ing to teach.

To my mind this acti­va­tion can occur as a result of teach­ing. The stu­dent has to have a will­ing­ness to learn how to acquire or pro­voke with­in them­selves the skills being taught.

She states:

My great­est joy is see­ing the flash of light on a student’s face when he/she reads an orig­i­nal piece of their own cre­ation, and receives applause and acco­lades from their classmates.

How do you pro­voke, mine and acti­vate your artis­tic DNA? This is an impor­tant ques­tion that every writer needs to dis­cov­er as they both learn and grow. What are your thoughts?

Source: Pro­voke, Mine and Acti­vate Your Artis­tic DNA

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