Hate Facebook? 9 Ways it can Build Blog Traffic!

Hat­ed, maligned, mis­used? These verbs all describe using Face­book from time to time. Is it always this way?

Face­book can be of great val­ue to the blog­ger but there are some tips to mak­ing best use of the sys­tem and there are many mis­takes to avoid. You must be rel­e­vant to your audi­ence, tack­ling sub­jects they find inter­est­ing. High qual­i­ty, engag­ing, con­tent is essen­tial to grow­ing your net­work and hav­ing peo­ple view your work.


1 — Ask Questions!

choices-to-be-madePeo­ple respond to ques­tions, espe­cial­ly if it touch­es a nerve. Make your ques­tions wit­ty, intrigu­ing, thought pro­vok­ing, but keep them short. Remem­ber you must tar­get the read­ers you are focus­ing on.


2 — Use a Quote from your Blog Post

You spent much effort writ­ing your blog post, use this to your advan­tage take some words, a phrase, or short sen­tence etc. from your post. This quote can again be wit­ty, intrigu­ing, or thought pro­vok­ing and you are adding it to Face­book as a means of adver­tis­ing some infor­ma­tion from the blog the read­er may find use­ful.

To some extent you may quote oth­er peo­ple, but only if it is relevant.


3 — Tag People, Groups, and Pages

facebook-tagIf you wish to gar­ner someone’s atten­tion with Face­book you should tag Peo­ple, Pages or Groups. This is the equiv­a­lent of gen­er­at­ing a per­son­alised email.

To tag a per­son you sim­ply type in the person’s name with a the ini­tial let­ter being a cap­i­tal, then con­tin­ue typ­ing part of their name (e.g. if you are wish­ing to tag Mark Brown type “Mar” and by this time Face­book should pro­vide you with a list of names and you can then select the name you need from the list).

You may also tag Pages or Groups. To do this you type @ fol­lowed by part of the page or group name. Face­book will also pro­vide a list of peo­ple, pages, or groups match­ing your search.

Note: Page per­mis­sions or a person’s pri­va­cy set­tings may lim­it your abil­i­ty to men­tion them in a pub­lic post. Tag­ging will not work for auto­mat­ed posts.


4 — Don’t Act like a Robot

business-robotAs an on-line writer we should always be try­ing to put our mate­r­i­al in front of poten­tial read­ers, yet doing this too fre­quent­ly can make you seem as if you are using it cyn­i­cal­ly sim­ply to gain new read­ers and that you don’t real­ly care about the peo­ple you have friend­ed. You should be set­ting out a pub­lic­i­ty sched­ule for each of your posts, or buffer­ing the mate­r­i­al in advance.

Avoid repeat­ing the same post more than 5 times per week and when you repeat it do so at dif­fer­ent times of the day (so you are tar­get­ing a dif­fer­ent audi­ence). Your posts could be timed to appear at for example:

  • 9 am Monday,
  • 5 pm Tuesday,
  • 2 am Wednesday,
  • 7 pm Thurs­day, and
  • 10 am Saturday.


5 — Be Human

peterYou see I am human, here’s a sketch to prove it.

First­ly, you must also post things that have noth­ing to do with your blog, sec­ond­ly you must engage with oth­er peo­ple by lik­ing their sto­ries or com­ment­ing on what they have added. We have been mak­ing many changes to our house the past few months and I have added details about the work we have been doing as these things have pro­gressed. You should think about tag­ging peo­ple who showed some pri­or inter­est when you do so, this keeps them engaged in the nor­mal day-to-day activ­i­ties of your life.

Avoid shar­ing state­ments you dis­agree with. Some­times in order to bol­ster your stand­ing with anoth­er per­son you share the things they have post­ed with­out inves­ti­gat­ing what they are say­ing. This can mean we are seen to endorse state­ments you would nev­er per­son­al­ly make, like a Repub­li­can sup­port­ed sup­port­ing a Demo­c­rat pol­i­cy, or vice ver­sa, or sup­port­ing an oil pipeline you would oppose on eco­log­i­cal grounds.


6 — Use Facebook’s Native Link Format

Let Face­book add in the title, descrip­tion, and pic­ture from the link that you post, then you should add a few words to attract read­ers to the page you wish them to read.

Posting on Facebook

A note here when you add in your adver­tis­ing hook avoid head­lines like  “You won’t believe what hap­pened next!” or “This is too good to be true!” Face­book class­es such head­lines as adver­tis­ing or a sign of poor qual­i­ty con­tent. Truth is such head­lines may tempt but rarely offer any val­ue to the user.


7 — In line with Trending Topics or Timely Events?

Face­book pro­vides a list of trend­ing top­ics as a pert of your News Feed (on the right hand side under “Trend­ing”). If you have a blog post on one of the trend­ing top­ics then it is an ide­al oppor­tu­ni­ty to utilise the cur­rent trend and post it again on your Face­book feed. Mak­ing use of trend­ing hash-tags can bring an addi­tion­al read­er­ship of 10 to 25%.

Sports events, polit­i­cal events, celebri­ty activ­i­ty can all help boost your rat­ings as can respond­ing to per­son­al activ­i­ties (when used appropriately).


8 — Use Pictures with Everything

Shar­ing text-only updates on Face­book, Twit­ter, or any oth­er social net­work is almost wast­ing an update. Ques­tions, images, and videos are the most pop­u­lar types of social post, they are the ones that dri­ve traf­fic to your site. You pic­tures should be big and updates be short. The pic­ture says a lot to your audience.

Building an Image by bykst CC0 Public Domain from Pixabay


9 — Facebook Video or Live

Dare you make a fool of your­self? Cre­at­ing video, par­tic­u­lar­ly live videos is not for every­one, but if you dare to use it it can help with pub­lic­i­ty. Face­book encour­ages you to load video direct­ly to their site (rather than through ser­vices like YouTube or Vimeo). Make sure your video has a good thumb­nail (the pic­ture that peo­ple see when the video isn’t playing).

Tim­ing is crit­i­cal as you want to catch view­ers when they are most recep­tive to your mes­sage, par­tic­u­lar­ly for Face­book Live. Also be pro­fes­sion­al in your video broadcasts.

Buy Peter B. Giblett a cof­fee as thanks for high­light­ing the use of Face­book to build your online pres­ence and pub­lic­i­ty for your blog. Images includ­ed here are from roy­al­ty free pub­lic domain image col­lec­tions, pho­tographs from Pix­abay, car­toons are cour­tesy Green Street.
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