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Reading is a required part of writing. “Web Explored” is a new category on GoggledeGoox. I have been long thinking about publishing a list of interesting pieces found around the web and bringing them together as something for my audience to enjoy. These are general clips, not specifically about writing or blogging, simply interesting pieces which may interest you. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did finding them.


Motorcycles, Razor-Gangs, England, and Saxonsscott-old-bike-courtesy-scott-biddulph-two-drops-of-ink is and interesting piece by Scott Biddulph from Two Drops of Ink. I have spoken with Scott on a few occasions and these have been diverse and interesting discussions. So I can attest to knowing a little about his diverse life. He was encouraged by his professor to go to England to present a speech at the annual Graham Greene Festival in Berkhamsted. I urge you to take a read.

In What Writers Can Learn From Slumdog Millionaire Sophie Schiller gives her thoughts about working as a writer. “As a writer, I envy people who work in teams. Working as a member of a team is empowering and enriching. By collaborating with others, the individual worker becomes a part of something greater, and when they succeed, their success is shared collaboratively. A writer’s success, if he ever experiences any, is one-sided and cannot really be shared, making it somewhat hollow.” She raises many interesting points about the challenges the writer faces.



mia-bothaLong sentences can be dangerous.” Says Mia Botha in 6 Ways To Shorten Your Sentences And Improve Your Writing. People who know me may know that I love long sentences, but I also accept that “when… sentences are too long, we tend to lapse into the passive voice and… risk making tense and punctuation mistakes.”  I don’t agree with everything Botha says, but agree care is required at all times when constructing sentences. Extended sentences should be constructed, especially carefully, with the core concept continually in mind.

Proving there are lots of great things on the web here is a piece about how we feel about ourselves. Should we think more about this? I am a regular reader of Tiny Buddah and recommend How We Avoid Our Feelings and How Embracing Them Sets Us Free. We are constantly on the go, with too much work outstanding. Stepping back and getting in touch with your feelings is always a good idea yet done too infrequently.

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ProBlogger is likely to feature heavily in “the web explored” as it provides a great amount of useful material. Benjamin Brandall is the author of The Ultimate Editing Checklist for Content Marketers in stating “Unedited writing is, in the words of Annie Lamott: shitty. And so it should be. If you’re stopping every three words to check what you’re doing, you’re going to take days to write a disjointed, awkward piece. That’s where using an editing check-list comes in.”

It is true that editing is a misunderstood practice and after having written your creative work, there has to be much editing, which isn’t simply about checking spelling and grammar. Pay attention to this check-list and follow it.


For all those exploring their fictional writing capabilities (perhaps as a part of National Novel Writing Month)? I refer you to The Only Reason Your Story Should Have Flashbacks. K.M. Weiland tells the world “Flashbacks are a multi-functional technique for stepping outside your story’s time-line and sharing interesting and informative nuggets about your characters’ past.” I agree, but I also think some writers overuse them and weaken their stories.

Web Explored


Nina Amir asks, and answers, the question Do You Have Intention? How to Set Achievable and Meaningful Goals on Jane Friedman’s blog. Even writers need goals and a roadmap in order to reach their destination. If you don’t know where you intend to go, chances are you will not arrive. I have also discussed the topic of meeting deadlines on an earlier post.

This is my round-up of some of the best of the web explored over the last few days. Please enjoy. It has been a pleasure to read and I hope you will have as much fun as I did. As a mark of respect for the author’s efforts please leave comments to show your appreciation of the efforts by these writers.


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