How to Analyze/Recognise the Top 5 Trends for Writing?

Trends for Writing

What are the trends for writ­ing? It is some­thing I have explored for some time now. A con­tin­u­ing top­ic of research. Every writer desires to pub­lish a viral post read by mil­lions, but few peo­ple have it. Know­ing the trends for writ­ing, in your sub­ject areas, can help you acquire more readers.


What is Trending on the Web?

This is such an impor­tant ques­tion for writ­ers to ask. What is trend­ing on the web? I did a search and found a few trend­ing titles on days when I was research­ing this topic:

  • Ouch by OpenClipartVectors CC0 Public Domain from PixabayBaby! Hip­po! Takes! Shower!
  • Watch This Guy Remove His Socks With a Rock­et Launcher
  • Build A Choco­late Bar And We’ll Reveal How Mature You Are
  • Elmo Gets FIRED (PARODY)
  • 24 Heinous “Looks” Every ‘00s Girl Tried For A Bit
  • Ral­ly Rac­er Still Wins After His Car Flips
  • The worst crimes against piz­za, from pineap­ple to mayo
  • Pick A Door And We’ll Reveal Which Fic­tion­al World You Belong In

Would you write about any of these top­ics? Maybe you are not inter­est­ed in any these, or maybe they com­pel you to write on one par­tic­u­lar top­ic. I still ques­tion the wis­dom of remov­ing socks with a rock­et launch­er though. The point is that some­times trend­ing top­ics can help you decide what to write next, espe­cial­ly for one of your specialities.

If you are look­ing for gen­er­al trends there are a num­ber of sites that can help, including:

  • what​strend​ing​.com
  • glob​al​trends​.com
  • read​write​.com
  • buz​zfeed​.com
  • Twit­ter
  • YouTube
  • Face­book
  • Google Trends (but this only tells you top­ics trend­ing for Adserve)
  • TechCrunch, if your inter­est is technology.
  • McK­in­sey, if your inter­ests are financial.
  • The Econ­o­mist, for busi­ness and finance.


Stay Current

Are you at the start­ing line? How do you stay cur­rent with every­thing that is going on in your spe­cial­ist area? For­tu­nate­ly you can get Google to help you by ask­ing what is trend­ing in your spe­cial­i­ty. Per­son­al­ly, I am inter­est­ed in the devel­op­ment of Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence, so I have many times asked Google the ques­tion “What is trend­ing in arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence?” Most indus­tries have trend watch­ers, peo­ple ded­i­cat­ed to find­ing out the lat­est and great­est advances and fol­low­ing them from every­thing from mere rumour through to prod­uct devel­op­ment. Stay cur­rent. But tem­per what you find with your own com­mon sense.

You should find many results list­ed. If this is a sub­ject you intend to write about it is also impor­tant you ask “what can I add?” Answer this and it is pos­si­ble to recog­nise both the areas that are impor­tant to read­ers and what you can offer. When these inter­sect your read­er­ship should take off. Well that is the the­o­ry at least.


Public Events

Rio OlympicsIn 2016, when the Rio de Janeiro Olympics was the biggest thing on the plan­et did your site reflect the buzz gen­er­at­ed by the com­pe­ti­tion? Look­ing for­ward to 2018 when the FIFA World Cup becomes the world focus will your site be part of the buzz gen­er­at­ed at that time?

Let me be clear — it is not pos­si­ble for every site to tap into the buzz of such events, but it could be an impor­tant dri­ver for read­er­ship for your site. Per­haps your indus­try, or your employ­er, has a spe­cial inter­est. Maybe you make spe­cial­ist equip­ment used by par­tic­i­pants, is that rel­e­vant? It could be. Per­haps you have a fun­ny sto­ry to tell. Per­haps you know a par­tic­i­pant. There are so many pos­si­bil­i­ties. Some­times we find the weird­est con­nec­tions. It may be of inter­est to some per­spec­tive read­ers and give an oppor­tu­ni­ty to grow your readership.

When oth­er events, like the Oscars, or Gram­my Awards, hap­pen are there things you can do to link into the buzz gen­er­at­ed? Your indus­try prob­a­bly has its events that hap­pen at cer­tain times of the year. Do you need to show­case what you are doing, or join the con­ver­sa­tion around those events?

Think­ing about events in advance can help you pre­pare your mate­r­i­al so that it is ready for pub­li­ca­tion in a time­ly manner.


Trends for Writing?

The first ques­tion here is how to recog­nise the trends for writ­ing? The start­ing point:

  • Sub­scribe to trendy blogs, news sites and social profiles.
  • Check out the ‘trend­ing’ sec­tions on social networks.
  • Set up noti­fi­ca­tions for keywords.

Those trendy blogs, spe­cial­ist news sites and social pro­files of peo­ple involved can give you some idea of the think­ing of those involved. Fol­low these sites on Twit­ter and oth­er social media chan­nels. Search for the things they write or tweet about regularly.

The fol­low­ing posts may each offer some assistance:

Please make sure that you dis­tin­guish between con­tent that is trend­ing and adver­tis­ing mate­r­i­al that is trend­ing. Many times adver­tis­ing fol­lows nor­mal trends but there are times when it moves in a dif­fer­ent direc­tion alto­geth­er, hence the cau­tion­ary words about Google Trends above.


Ahead of the Curve

The biggest chal­lenge for writ­ers is to stay ahead of the curve, give your­self time to pre­pare your mate­r­i­al so you are ready when an event occurs. If you are writ­ing about the speak­ers at the next indus­try con­fer­ence, find out who is speak­ing, their spe­cial­i­ties, their back­ground etc. With­out stalk­ing them, you can down­load the social pro­files and fol­low them to see their tweets. The more research you do before­hand the more ready you are at the event.

One exam­ple of this is news­pa­per obit­u­ary writ­ers will fol­low cer­tain celebri­ties, even teen stars. One obit­u­ary writer once told me he had a col­umn ready which is up-to-date, and only needs the final, sad details, includ­ed to be ready to pub­lish. He had arti­cles on hun­dreds of peo­ple already penned, they had to be reg­u­lar­ly updat­ed, for exam­ple if they were hos­pi­talised, or had a baby etc. Many were com­plete­ly rewrit­ten as the course of their career changed. This con­sis­tent research was his way of being ready for the inevitable.


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