Writing Tools: Using Pablo to Create Engaging Thoughts

Engaging Thoughts Move a Mountain by Pablo

There are times when you need to make the words you use more powerful. Perhaps you have some engaging thoughts you wish to highlight. This is where Pablo may assist.


Writing and Pictures 

Article writing on the Internet is about providing a mix of useful content with the right visual imagery. The words need to be engaging, but they sometimes need to be more than mere words. Quotes are also a popular way to break the ice with a reader. Pictures have the capability of making those engaging thoughts more powerful, increasing their impact on the reader. Associating words with images can be a way to emphasise engaging thoughts. This is true even when the image used is only loosely associated with the words used.

The more relevant the image, the more likely the person will remember your words. Pablo can help you use engaging thoughts to engage the reader.

Pablo by bufferPablo allows you to mix words with images to give words that extra impact. This is a service provided by the makers of the social posting tool Bufferapp. Consider the following, see how it makes you think or feel. Go to pablo.buffer.com to access the tool.


Living Life by Oliver from Pablo

Most people are moved by such thoughts. Someone once said a picture paints a thousand words. Adding words to those pictures can bring the mind a little closer to understanding certain concepts portrayed. The picture and words should both be relevant to what is being discussed. It is true that there are many ways available to annotate pictures, what Pablo does is wrap this all together into a neat little parcel. A simple platform to create engaging thoughts. Building this tool with access to company logos make this a business friendly tool.

Picture Quotes

Do you recall those empowering quotes that used to adorn office walls with a statement about success or leadership? Now you can also create such pictures based on your own words or those of a famous quote you would like to use to enhance that article you’re building. Remember the wise words do not have to be someone else’s you can use your own words just as effectively as anyone else’s.

Making other plans John Lenon


Thank you Mr. Lennon, I am always making other plans.

Pablo provides a great way to play with the imagery and words before you finalise them and make them ready for publication. On that note it can be a useful way to express an idea on social media.

How it Works

Few things in life are simple but it is with Pablo, know the words you wish to use and the picture you like and hey presto, when combined you have a powerful image.

Do you have a picture you like? Click the “Upload Image” button (as shown below) and you can use any image you like. In the following example I have used a public domain image loaded into Pablo, with text added to it.

Adding Images to Pablo

Click on the text and you can move it, change it, play with the size, bold it, italicise it, change the colour etc. as follows:

Pablo - Click on the Text

On the right hand side are tools that you can use to change how the image appears. The original is a wide picture, using the dimensions of the image uploaded. The size of the image can be changed,  note below how selecting a different size option changes the image we see.

Pablo Picture sizes

Here the resulting picture is more vertical, with the quote appearing top right.

The filter used will impact how you see the text. The following shows some of the filter options. the default is “light contrast” which enables readers to see the words most clearly, pushing the picture to the background. The “None” option should generally be avoided. Grayscale can be useful if the picture is very busy with different colours.  Tints can change the emphasis of the picture colours, red gives an impression of evening. which can be useful.


Your Own Pictures

Pablo provides a range of more than 600,000 “standard excellent” pictures available to make use of. Type a search word and see the new images available. For some search phrases there are a large choice available, other searches may be very limited. Pictures are sourced from public domain image libraries Pixabay and Unsplash. Using the “Upload Image” you can add one of your own images for everyone to see. Maybe it is time to see Aunt Mavis quoting her hero Winston Churchill or Uncle Freddie with his latest hero, Donald Trump’s words. Maybe the rest of the world does not wish to see either, but ultimately the choice is yours, the writer.

You can simply append your choice words or use the quotes available. In my view quotes is the weakest part of this system as you only have a back and forward arrow to use to select the quotes Buffer makes available. It would be nice to search by quote subject or author.

Pablo is at its best when you use your own photographs to empower your own words. You can then use it as a way to create engaging thoughts your own readers should appreciate. Use the pictures with words to enhance your own words.


Engaging Thoughts?

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