Writing Tools: Using Pablo to Create Engaging Thoughts

Engaging Thoughts Move a Mountain by Pablo

There are times when you need to make the words you use more pow­er­ful. Per­haps you have some engag­ing thoughts you wish to high­light. This is where Pablo may assist.


Writing and Pictures 

Arti­cle writ­ing on the Inter­net is about pro­vid­ing a mix of use­ful con­tent with the right visu­al imagery. The words need to be engag­ing, but they some­times need to be more than mere words. Quotes are also a pop­u­lar way to break the ice with a read­er. Pic­tures have the capa­bil­i­ty of mak­ing those engag­ing thoughts more pow­er­ful, increas­ing their impact on the read­er. Asso­ci­at­ing words with images can be a way to empha­sise engag­ing thoughts. This is true even when the image used is only loose­ly asso­ci­at­ed with the words used.

The more rel­e­vant the image, the more like­ly the per­son will remem­ber your words. Pablo can help you use engag­ing thoughts to engage the reader.

Pablo by bufferPablo allows you to mix words with images to give words that extra impact. This is a ser­vice pro­vid­ed by the mak­ers of the social post­ing tool Buffer­app. Con­sid­er the fol­low­ing, see how it makes you think or feel. Go to pablo​.buffer​.com to access the tool.


Living Life by Oliver from Pablo

Most peo­ple are moved by such thoughts. Some­one once said a pic­ture paints a thou­sand words. Adding words to those pic­tures can bring the mind a lit­tle clos­er to under­stand­ing cer­tain con­cepts por­trayed. The pic­ture and words should both be rel­e­vant to what is being dis­cussed. It is true that there are many ways avail­able to anno­tate pic­tures, what Pablo does is wrap this all togeth­er into a neat lit­tle par­cel. A sim­ple plat­form to cre­ate engag­ing thoughts. Build­ing this tool with access to com­pa­ny logos make this a busi­ness friend­ly tool.

Picture Quotes

Do you recall those empow­er­ing quotes that used to adorn office walls with a state­ment about suc­cess or lead­er­ship? Now you can also cre­ate such pic­tures based on your own words or those of a famous quote you would like to use to enhance that arti­cle you’re build­ing. Remem­ber the wise words do not have to be some­one else’s you can use your own words just as effec­tive­ly as any­one else’s.

Making other plans John Lenon


Thank you Mr. Lennon, I am always mak­ing oth­er plans.

Pablo pro­vides a great way to play with the imagery and words before you finalise them and make them ready for pub­li­ca­tion. On that note it can be a use­ful way to express an idea on social media.

How it Works

Few things in life are sim­ple but it is with Pablo, know the words you wish to use and the pic­ture you like and hey presto, when com­bined you have a pow­er­ful image.

Do you have a pic­ture you like? Click the “Upload Image” but­ton (as shown below) and you can use any image you like. In the fol­low­ing exam­ple I have used a pub­lic domain image loaded into Pablo, with text added to it.

Adding Images to Pablo

Click on the text and you can move it, change it, play with the size, bold it, ital­i­cise it, change the colour etc. as follows:

Pablo - Click on the Text

On the right hand side are tools that you can use to change how the image appears. The orig­i­nal is a wide pic­ture, using the dimen­sions of the image uploaded. The size of the image can be changed,  note below how select­ing a dif­fer­ent size option changes the image we see.

Pablo Picture sizes

Here the result­ing pic­ture is more ver­ti­cal, with the quote appear­ing top right.

The fil­ter used will impact how you see the text. The fol­low­ing shows some of the fil­ter options. the default is “light con­trast” which enables read­ers to see the words most clear­ly, push­ing the pic­ture to the back­ground. The “None” option should gen­er­al­ly be avoid­ed. Grayscale can be use­ful if the pic­ture is very busy with dif­fer­ent colours.  Tints can change the empha­sis of the pic­ture colours, red gives an impres­sion of evening. which can be useful.


Your Own Pictures

Pablo pro­vides a range of more than 600,000 “stan­dard excel­lent” pic­tures avail­able to make use of. Type a search word and see the new images avail­able. For some search phras­es there are a large choice avail­able, oth­er search­es may be very lim­it­ed. Pic­tures are sourced from pub­lic domain image libraries Pix­abay and Unsplash. Using the “Upload Image” you can add one of your own images for every­one to see. Maybe it is time to see Aunt Mavis quot­ing her hero Win­ston Churchill or Uncle Fred­die with his lat­est hero, Don­ald Trump’s words. Maybe the rest of the world does not wish to see either, but ulti­mate­ly the choice is yours, the writer.

You can sim­ply append your choice words or use the quotes avail­able. In my view quotes is the weak­est part of this sys­tem as you only have a back and for­ward arrow to use to select the quotes Buffer makes avail­able. It would be nice to search by quote sub­ject or author.

Pablo is at its best when you use your own pho­tographs to empow­er your own words. You can then use it as a way to cre­ate engag­ing thoughts your own read­ers should appre­ci­ate. Use the pic­tures with words to enhance your own words.


Engaging Thoughts?

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