Open Letter: For You? Seeking Guest Post Contributors

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One of the great­est plea­sures in the world is being con­tact­ed by some­one look­ing to con­tribute to your blog. There it was, the email “Seek­ing a guest post oppor­tu­ni­ty”. This con­tact pro­vid­ed me the oppor­tu­ni­ty to look once again at hav­ing oth­ers con­tribute to my blog.

The Importance of Others

cure for the common coldWhen I start­ed the site I asked a cou­ple of writ­ers to con­tribute a page about what dri­ves them to write. These are still very inter­est­ing con­tri­bu­tions and I still draw inspi­ra­tion from them today. Receiv­ing this email caused me to remem­ber back to those con­tri­bu­tions and think that it would be a good idea, once again to accept sub­mis­sions on the chal­lenge of writ­ing.
What dri­ves you? What do you believe are your great­est hur­dles? By writ­ing about them, by mak­ing them pub­lic, you declare that you are no longer afraid to face them.
“I read your blog posts and found them inter­est­ing and inspir­ing espe­cial­ly ‘your jour­ney of becom­ing a blog­ger’” the writer start­ed and added “I have recent­ly start­ed a blog that caters to new inde­pen­dent writ­ers and blog­gers”. It always gives me great plea­sure to see how many peo­ple are pur­su­ing their writ­ing dreams, even if it is only by cre­at­ing a blog.
The path of writ­ing neces­si­tates learn­ing. It also requires oth­er to assist and encour­age. With­out the right lev­el of encour­age­ment they can spi­ral into a cycle of depres­sion. Cer­tain­ly not some­thing to desire for anyone.

The Guest Post

As I said recent­ly, I con­tin­ue to learn every­day, both about the mechan­ics of writ­ing and on the sub­jects I write about. Whether you are in Malaysia, Myan­mar, Mada­gas­car, or live next door, the beau­ty of writ­ing in the mod­ern era it that loca­tion mat­ters very lit­tle as the pub­li­ca­tion medi­um for the web is all the same. The guest post is a vital part of the process. We as writ­ers should encour­age each oth­er, as well as teach and learn from each oth­er. The use of the blog has opened so many avenues that would oth­er­wise not have been avail­able a few years ago. Peo­ple sim­ply need the courage to start writ­ing, just do it.
Isaac Newton coutesy Portrait of Newton in 1689 by Godfrey Kneller
It would be great to have a famous per­son write a guest post, per­haps a mod­ern Isaac New­ton. But it is unre­al­is­tic to expect that.
Hav­ing tak­en a look at the writer’s blog it is clear they cur­rent­ly only have one post. I applaud them for tak­ing the step of cre­at­ing their blog. The next step is get­ting the sec­ond arti­cle post­ed, then the third etc. Each will be all the more sat­is­fy­ing than the last, espe­cial­ly if they make improve­ments along the way.
Inform­ing peo­ple is a vital part of the rea­son to pub­lish. One of the great chal­lenges of the self-pub­lished blog is that it is miss­ing, some­where in the region of 5 or 6 pass­es, in front of a pro­fes­sion­al edi­tor. On top of that, the cri­tique giv­en by the pub­lish­er. Most blog­gers also fail to look at the work from the publisher’s per­spec­tive. They don’t ask whether the piece should be pub­lished at all. News­pa­per jour­nal­ists get used to not hav­ing their work pub­lished, or hav­ing it amal­ga­mat­ed with that of anoth­er writer.


The vast major­i­ty of blogs fail, in that they have no longevi­ty. The writer is pas­sion­ate about it for 6 months or a year then does not con­tin­ue, due to chang­ing per­son­al cir­cum­stances. I would like to encour­age blog writ­ers to build their strengths, con­tin­ue to pub­lish even if it is one arti­cle per month. Per­haps that is the time to pub­lish more guest posts. It is my hope that by shar­ing the strug­gles blog­gers face they each can grow. In part that growth is because they have shared their strug­gles with oth­ers. But, in part that should be because their build a net­work link­ing them to oth­er writ­ers, many of which have the same problem.

Still a Newbie

Com­ments and feed­back should be encour­aged and every per­son who com­ments should become a net­work ally. Feed­back is essen­tial for growth and when mak­ing com­ments peo­ple should do so in a way that encour­ages growth. Sug­gest options for improve­ment and tell peo­ple what they have done well. Feed­back is an essen­tial part of writ­ers shar­ing their challenges.
“I am still a new­bie… Cur­rent­ly I’m work­ing on my sec­ond EBook”
Newbie by Igor Miske CC0 Public Domain from UnsplashNew­bies are always wel­come, indeed should always be encour­aged. The world of blog­ging may appear con­fus­ing for them at first glance. Yet, often the unini­ti­at­ed bring with them a per­spec­tive that oth­er writ­ers, like myself, who have been around a while have often for­got­ten. But, “new­bies” are not new at every­thing, they bring some­thing to the table, like indus­tri­al knowl­edge or that of hav­ing pre­vi­ous­ly pro­duced an e-book. They bring with them some­thing oth­ers wish to know and to a large part blog­ging is all about pass­ing on knowl­edge to a greater community.
In this case that knowl­edge is vital. Per­son­al­ly I have self-pub­lished one book on Social Media, although I don’t pub­li­cise it because it needs updat­ing. I have nev­er pub­lished an e-book, but would love to learn from your expe­ri­ence as I have almost fin­ished cre­at­ing my first. So in that respect I am a new­bie, with much to learn.

Breaking into New Fields

This is one of the plea­sures of net­work­ing, con­nect­ing with peo­ple who can assist you in break­ing into new fields. We are able to learn from each oth­er, we each bring with us dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive of doing things. This is vital­ly impor­tant and can­not be understated.
Net­work­ing is of course one of the best ways to con­nect with oth­ers more deeply. I am an open net­work­er. This means that I am hap­py to con­nect with any­one from any­where. Includ­ing peo­ple I would have no chance of ever meet­ing oth­er­wise. On social sites even I have lim­its, for exam­ple, I nev­er fol­low peo­ple who have no bio or no pic­ture, because they clear­ly pay no atten­tion to what their image is. I know there are peo­ple who believe that show­ing their pic­ture is a sin. But I didn’t say the pic­ture has to be per­son­al. Sim­ply one that rep­re­sents “brand you”. Good writ­ers have a social Bio that helps oth­ers under­stand who they are and a good pic­ture is a pow­er­ful part of that Bio.
New­bies are of course the life blood of any world, we may not know their capa­bil­i­ties before­hand, but every­one should remem­ber the time when they were a new­bie, the rook­ie on the field of play. They should remem­ber those raw emo­tions, then encour­age oth­ers accord­ing­ly. Per­haps they didn’t have oth­ers to encour­age them and it is there­fore essen­tial to help others.

A Chance to Contribute?

ReplyThis reply is both lengthy and pub­lic. That is nec­es­sary. To me your email gives fur­ther oppor­tu­ni­ty to dis­cuss the top­ic of con­tri­bu­tions to Gob­blede­Goox as a whole. I want to state to all my read­ers that I am will­ing to con­sid­er guest con­tri­bu­tions, in fact I encour­age it.
How­ev­er I reserve the right to edit your guest post before pub­lish­ing it. I will not pub­lish sub­mis­sions con­tain­ing offen­sive or inflam­ma­to­ry writ­ing because I like my read­ers and wish them to remain loy­al. I encour­age you to break new ground, add new thoughts, not pre­vi­ous­ly con­sid­ered. Please include hyper­links to your own web­site or oth­er sites you believe we should pay atten­tion to, espe­cial­ly those that inspire you. Links are the life-blood of blog­ging. How­ev­er, please do not include any links that are com­mer­cial in nature.
It was nec­es­sary, as a part of plac­ing things into per­spec­tive. Your think­ing inspired me to write some­thing more than a stan­dard email reply, some­thing that I see as the core of anoth­er piece to encour­age peo­ple to write and seek out new avenues of pub­li­ca­tion. Dar­ren Rowse (of ProBlog­ger) has point­ed out many times that it is impor­tant that blog­gers write guest posts for oth­er sites. Per­son­al­ly, I am always seek­ing out new places to pub­lish. The guest post is a part of my rai­son d’être. I am hap­py to have pro­pos­als for new sub­mis­sions for Gob­blede­Goox. Please send your pro­pos­als for your intend­ed sub­mis­sion to my email. Tell me what you intent do write about and how quick­ly you can make it avail­able. The guest post, for the writer, is a nec­es­sary part of Net­work­ing. I pub­lish every 6 weeks on anoth­er site and have found that it has pro­vid­ed many new read­ers regularly.


Your pro­posed con­tri­bu­tion about inspi­ra­tion and get­ting into the right mind­set before writ­ing would be some­thing a lot of peo­ple would appre­ci­ate. A blog post on this top­ic would be excel­lent and I look for­ward to receiv­ing it. Read­ers, please get your pens out.
p.s. If you wish me to write a con­tri­bu­tion for your blog then I am more than will­ing to do that, we can help each oth­er out.
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