Open Letter: For You? Seeking Guest Post Contributors

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One of the greatest pleasures in the world is being contacted by someone looking to contribute to your blog. There it was, the email “Seeking a guest post opportunity“. This contact provided me the opportunity to look once again at having others contribute to my blog.

The Importance of Others

cure for the common coldWhen I started the site I asked a couple of writers to contribute a page about what drives them to write. These are still very interesting contributions and I still draw inspiration from them today. Receiving this email caused me to remember back to those contributions and think that it would be a good idea, once again to accept submissions on the challenge of writing.
What drives you? What do you believe are your greatest hurdles? By writing about them, by making them public, you declare that you are no longer afraid to face them.
“I read your blog posts and found them interesting and inspiring especially ‘your journey of becoming a blogger‘” the writer started and added “I have recently started a blog that caters to new independent writers and bloggers”. It always gives me great pleasure to see how many people are pursuing their writing dreams, even if it is only by creating a blog.
The path of writing necessitates learning. It also requires other to assist and encourage. Without the right level of encouragement they can spiral into a cycle of depression. Certainly not something to desire for anyone.

The Guest Post

As I said recently, I continue to learn everyday, both about the mechanics of writing and on the subjects I write about. Whether you are in Malaysia, Myanmar, Madagascar, or live next door, the beauty of writing in the modern era it that location matters very little as the publication medium for the web is all the same. The guest post is a vital part of the process. We as writers should encourage each other, as well as teach and learn from each other. The use of the blog has opened so many avenues that would otherwise not have been available a few years ago. People simply need the courage to start writing, just do it.
Isaac Newton coutesy Portrait of Newton in 1689 by Godfrey Kneller
It would be great to have a famous person write a guest post, perhaps a modern Isaac Newton. But it is unrealistic to expect that.
Having taken a look at the writer’s blog it is clear they currently only have one post. I applaud them for taking the step of creating their blog. The next step is getting the second article posted, then the third etc. Each will be all the more satisfying than the last, especially if they make improvements along the way.
Informing people is a vital part of the reason to publish. One of the great challenges of the self-published blog is that it is missing, somewhere in the region of 5 or 6 passes, in front of a professional editor. On top of that, the critique given by the publisher. Most bloggers also fail to look at the work from the publisher’s perspective. They don’t ask whether the piece should be published at all. Newspaper journalists get used to not having their work published, or having it amalgamated with that of another writer.


The vast majority of blogs fail, in that they have no longevity. The writer is passionate about it for 6 months or a year then does not continue, due to changing personal circumstances. I would like to encourage blog writers to build their strengths, continue to publish even if it is one article per month. Perhaps that is the time to publish more guest posts. It is my hope that by sharing the struggles bloggers face they each can grow. In part that growth is because they have shared their struggles with others. But, in part that should be because their build a network linking them to other writers, many of which have the same problem.

Still a Newbie

Comments and feedback should be encouraged and every person who comments should become a network ally. Feedback is essential for growth and when making comments people should do so in a way that encourages growth. Suggest options for improvement and tell people what they have done well. Feedback is an essential part of writers sharing their challenges.
“I am still a newbie… Currently I’m working on my second EBook”
Newbie by Igor Miske CC0 Public Domain from UnsplashNewbies are always welcome, indeed should always be encouraged. The world of blogging may appear confusing for them at first glance. Yet, often the uninitiated bring with them a perspective that other writers, like myself, who have been around a while have often forgotten. But, “newbies” are not new at everything, they bring something to the table, like industrial knowledge or that of having previously produced an e-book. They bring with them something others wish to know and to a large part blogging is all about passing on knowledge to a greater community.
In this case that knowledge is vital. Personally I have self-published one book on Social Media, although I don’t publicise it because it needs updating. I have never published an e-book, but would love to learn from your experience as I have almost finished creating my first. So in that respect I am a newbie, with much to learn.

Breaking into New Fields

This is one of the pleasures of networking, connecting with people who can assist you in breaking into new fields. We are able to learn from each other, we each bring with us different perspective of doing things. This is vitally important and cannot be understated.
Networking is of course one of the best ways to connect with others more deeply. I am an open networker. This means that I am happy to connect with anyone from anywhere. Including people I would have no chance of ever meeting otherwise. On social sites even I have limits, for example, I never follow people who have no bio or no picture, because they clearly pay no attention to what their image is. I know there are people who believe that showing their picture is a sin. But I didn’t say the picture has to be personal. Simply one that represents “brand you”. Good writers have a social Bio that helps others understand who they are and a good picture is a powerful part of that Bio.
Newbies are of course the life blood of any world, we may not know their capabilities beforehand, but everyone should remember the time when they were a newbie, the rookie on the field of play. They should remember those raw emotions, then encourage others accordingly. Perhaps they didn’t have others to encourage them and it is therefore essential to help others.

A Chance to Contribute?

ReplyThis reply is both lengthy and public. That is necessary. To me your email gives further opportunity to discuss the topic of contributions to GobbledeGoox as a whole. I want to state to all my readers that I am willing to consider guest contributions, in fact I encourage it.
However I reserve the right to edit your guest post before publishing it. I will not publish submissions containing offensive or inflammatory writing because I like my readers and wish them to remain loyal. I encourage you to break new ground, add new thoughts, not previously considered. Please include hyperlinks to your own website or other sites you believe we should pay attention to, especially those that inspire you. Links are the life-blood of blogging. However, please do not include any links that are commercial in nature.
It was necessary, as a part of placing things into perspective. Your thinking inspired me to write something more than a standard email reply, something that I see as the core of another piece to encourage people to write and seek out new avenues of publication. Darren Rowse (of ProBlogger) has pointed out many times that it is important that bloggers write guest posts for other sites. Personally, I am always seeking out new places to publish. The guest post is a part of my raison d’etre. I am happy to have proposals for new submissions for GobbledeGoox. Please send your proposals for your intended submission to my email. Tell me what you intent do write about and how quickly you can make it available. The guest post, for the writer, is a necessary part of Networking. I publish every 6 weeks on another site and have found that it has provided many new readers regularly.


Your proposed contribution about inspiration and getting into the right mindset before writing would be something a lot of people would appreciate. A blog post on this topic would be excellent and I look forward to receiving it. Readers, please get your pens out.
p.s. If you wish me to write a contribution for your blog then I am more than willing to do that, we can help each other out.
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