Should you use Hashtags in your #Blog Content Title?

Blank sheet Hashtag by rawpixel with embed by Yourschantz CC0 Public Domain

Hash­tags help peo­ple find infor­ma­tion on spe­cif­ic top­ics on Social Media. They are wide­ly used on Twit­ter, with mod­er­a­tion on Face­book, and on oth­er social media sites. Think about any sub­ject and there is prob­a­bly a hash­tag (or six) for it. There are also some very stu­pid tags, which should most­ly be avoided. […]

101 Creative Rules for the Modern Blogger

Blog Freeze by Peter Giblett from CC0 Public domain images

If you write a blog, it is clear that every few min­utes the experts are rec­om­mend­ing a new approach. So, just what are the rules of blog­ging today? Here is my inter­pre­ta­tion of being a good blog­ger, the rules of mod­ern blog­ger must adapt and adopt new approach­es. Mod­ern Blog­ger: Enthus­es Read­ers Peo­ple read blogs […]