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Can you contribute?

GobbledeGoox is on the outlook for guest contributions! Can you contribute? We are particularly looking for people to write about the challenges they face while writing. Several contributions have previously been made of this type:

  • by Lydia Oyetunji, a fellow writer at Two Drops of Ink who also publishes her own blog called Live… Love… Share… Lydia spends a large amount of time on the road with her husband who is a big rig driver. Take a look at her post “Truck Driving and Writing: A Perfectly Imperfect Union.”
  • Nancy Czerwinski tells excellent stories, I encountered many years ago on a general writing site, an excellent story teller. She talks about her personal challenges in “The Ups and Downs of Writing.”  She is very much the early bird, writing whilst the most energy the rest of us perform is creating some “zeees” in our sleep.
  • Why Do I Write?” asks Mike Senczyszak as he tells us all how he has conquered some personal challenges through a lifetime of writing. His eccentric musings and observations on the Solsbury Hill blog are always exciting to read  and a source of enjoyment each week.

Writing Challenges

The point about the topic “the challenges you face in writing” will give hundreds of different stories, and I am looking forward to your contribution, please write an email to me if you wish to make a contribution. Before doing so please take a look at the contributor guidelines

Email Marketing        I am also willing to speak with writers who are willing to form a mutually beneficial alliance where we can help each other’s following grow, through social media or personal contacts.

If you are writing and publishing a blog you will already be aware of the challenge of building readership and because of this maybe you are already thinking about finding an ally who can help you market your work. We can share a common goal, let’s talk.

Before you contribute, please look at the guidelines.