Contribute by Alexas Fotos CC0 Public Domain from Picabay

Contribution Guidelines

As previously stated I am happy to accept contributions from other writers. Of course there are a few rules in accepting contributions. They drive the need for publishing contribution guidelines on this page:

  • Please send a query email, outlining your proposed contribution to
  • Please offer an exciting page title to go with your post.
  • Your name should not appear in the page title. I shall include it in the excerpt, which I write.
  • English is the language of this site. If you use other languages (e.g. for quotes) please also provide a translation.
  • If you include facts (rather than opinion or personal experience) within your contribution then please ensure they are checked and fully attributed. Please include hyperlinks, where appropriate.
  • Links to pages considered as commercial in nature (e.g. a page with products and prices listed) are not permitted. Such links can cause rejection.
  • I reserve the right to edit your piece. When making significant changes I shall seek your approval before publishing.
  • Please produce a short bio (in no more than 80 to 100 words). It shall be published at the end of your article. Within this, please provide a link to your own blog to allow readers to go to your site if they choose.
  • Include a bio photo, which need not be a picture of you, but an image that represents “brand you” which you use elsewhere.
  • Provided your contribution is more than 500 words in length, there is no limit to how many words you can use to build your submission, just make sure it excites the reader.
  • You retain copyright of your material at all times.
  • If you publish on Gobbledegoox, please not later reproduce that material anywhere else on-line.
  • We will both be responsible for marketing the piece, using social media channels and other methods.

At this time it is not possible to pay for contributions. The idea behind contributing is that we can work together towards common goals which normally includes extending our respective readership circles. This should provide ample reward. Additionally If you have enjoyed writing for my site I would happily return the favour – send me your contribution guidelines and I will happily share something relevant.