I show peo­ple how to turn their Blog into a pow­er­ful resource. Help­ing them com­mu­ni­cate more effec­tive­ly, using the pow­er of the writ­ten and spo­ken word. I will dis­cuss social media, because of how it can help blog­gers and small busi­ness growth. ~ Peter B. Giblett.


Professional Editor

Written down by Green StreetThe val­ue of pro­fes­sion­al edit­ing is often not realised until spot­ting errors. There are many rea­sons you may wish to engage the ser­vices as a pro­fes­sion­al edi­tor, including:

  • Busi­ness­es need reports, offi­cial mem­os, man­u­als, mar­ket­ing copy, press notices. Plus oth­er doc­u­ments pro­fes­sion­al­ly proof-read and/or edit­ed. What­ev­er the size of your busi­ness we can help you present the right image.
  • Authors need­ing proof-read­ing and edit­ing of man­u­scripts (book, short sto­ry, play, or screen­play). We charge a fixed rate per page.
  • Pro­fes­sion­als whose first lan­guage is not Eng­lish. We will assist in ensur­ing that your doc­u­ments are clear­ly writ­ten and gram­mat­i­cal­ly cor­rect. You pro­vide the basis of what needs to be said and we will ensure the Eng­lish is ful­ly round­ed and polished.
  • Edit web and adver­tis­ing copy to ensure it is gram­mat­i­cal­ly and syn­tac­ti­cal­ly correct.

Often out­side eyes are nec­es­sary. The essence of proof read­ing and edit­ing ser­vices are that we cor­rect any errors that may have inad­ver­tent­ly been includ­ed. We check for both syn­tax and gram­mat­i­cal errors. High­light but not delete redun­dant text, fix prob­lem sen­tences, and sharp­en the vocab­u­lary. Some­times we re-arrange sen­tences and para­graphs if nec­es­sary for clar­i­ty. We ensure your style shines through with every­thing you create.



Works in full com­pli­ance with:



Other Editing services include:

  • Prepar­ing indexes.
  • Edit­ing and prepar­ing e-books.
  • Lay­out and design assistance.
  • Man­u­script edit­ing and prepa­ra­tion (fic­tion & non-fiction).
  • Mag­a­zine editing.
  • Busi­ness reports.
  • Web copy.
  • We have some expe­ri­ence with self pub­lished books.
  • High-qual­i­ty edit­ing on time and on budget.
  • We can help with con­tent creation.


Please drop us a line if you need some work starting