From Chris Brecheen: That Year We Forgot Blog’s Birthday

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Blog’s Birthday


One of the many blogs that I follow is by Chris Brecheen called “Writing About Writing (And Occasionally Some Writing)”. A couple of days ago I came across a wonder­ful piece that he had written about forget­ting the birth­day of the blog he had created, the story opens:

Blog Birthday by Chris Brecheen
Blog Birthday by Chris Brecheen

The breath I took with my hand on the doorknob could never be deep enough.

I ignored the “Go Away” and “Knock First” signs, and stepped in, at first think­ing that I would flick the lights on, but then decid­ing that the pastel rainbow thrown off by the line of lava lamps was kind of nice. Blog was lying in bed listen­ing to headphones and facing away from the door.

You didn’t knock,” Blog said.“I know,” I said. I went over and sat on the edge of the bed. Blog shifted further over and showed me more of its back.

I’m sorry,” I said.

Chris’s blog post is one that I thought others should see because it’s all about the relation­ship between the writer and the blog that they have created. Think about it would you forget your child’s birth­day or your spouses? You would have hell to pay for doing that.


For the blog, forget­ting the birth­day is like forget­ting its exist­ence. Something we should never do to our blog. I have done this once and it is not something I wish to repeat. Indeed when the birth­day of this site came around then I added a special post, commem­or­at­ing its birth­day (or more correctly birth month). But I also had oppor­tun­ity for other celeb­ra­tions as well, like the 8th year anniversary of being on WordPress. These are all things you perhaps don’t think too much about. Sometime, recently, this year I also posted on Facebook 365 consec­ut­ive days (thanks to the aid of some automa­tion tools).
Take a look at Chris’s wonder­ful post “That Year We Forgot Blog’s Birthday” and recall how special your own blog is for a few moments, take a little time to cherish it, also take some time to make your blog special once again. Once we create it our blog should be special. Our ideas may move on, but our blog is a compan­ion that helps us grow. They are an histor­ic­al record.
If you reach a milestone you should always celeb­rate, it helps you go on with renewed purpose.

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