Mindfulness for too much thinking


Thinking is what minds are supposed to do, they’re good at it and writing minds should be partic­u­larly good at it. A good writer should also be a good thinker, well I think they should be at least. It is their thoughts or thought processes that will, to a large extent, drive them towards the desire to write. This is partic­u­larly true if they also possess a desire for change.

Portrait of Jake by Wendy Ann GreenhalghAt the heart of the writer’s approach should be a mindful­ness, which is the driver behind Wendy Ann Greenhalgh’s thought­ful piece, “Mindfulness for too much think­ing”. She starts stating “creat­ive minds are amazing, they’re always assess­ing, viewing, processing and problem solving”.

They should be. Creative and imagin­at­ive work should be part of the goal of any writer, not just the fiction writer. Do creat­ive minds go into overdrive? That has long been my exper­i­ence — becom­ing overwhelmed by the things that need saying. Channeling is such situations is vital. She tell us “sometimes I have had so many creat­ive ideas, that I liter­ally couldn’t see the wood for the trees”. Certainly a big problem.

This is the point where I feel I need the assist­ance of an assist­ant, to categor­ise and sort the mater­i­al I have avail­able. Trouble is I cannot afford to pay their salary. Maybe the only choice is to have a software assist­ant. There is room for further invest­ig­a­tion.


How Smart?


She contin­ues “Thinking is what minds do. They’re good at it”. However it is not true for all minds. Some have become so fuzzy with the mundane that they have no capacity for thought. I guess this is where mindful­ness steps in. Truth is you can’t stop a mind from think­ing, it may have crazy thoughts, but they are thoughts nonethe­less. Greenhalgh suggests medit­a­tion as a way of channel­ing the thoughts, perhaps giving them more focus.

This subject worthy of of explor­ing separ­ately. I wanted to bring it to the atten­tion of my readers as a way to become more mindful.

[ADDED AFTER REVISION] You may be inter­ested in other pieces here that explore thoughts made across the world wide web. There are many ideas, a web worth explor­ing. For this reason I have created a category called Web Explored, which brings togeth­er inter­est­ing pieces by other writers that can add value here.

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