The ProBlogger and What he Learned about Blogging

I read a lot of sources and Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger site is one that I have referred to time and again and have to honest I have learned so much from Darren’s challenges over the years as I have from the many articles and podcasts he has produced and I returned again to one of my favour­ites, from which the follow­ing video comes. I suggest you watch the video, it is 49 minutes long, but it is very enjoy­able as Darren tells us how he has trans­formed himself over the years I think that the video is worth watch­ing because it is both inspir­ing and inform­at­ive.

The Pro… Blogger

He started ProBlogger in 2004 and became a full time blogger soon after, which means he solved to challenge of monet­ising his blog, or products associ­ated with it. How did he grow his public­a­tions? He tells us that “people found my blog by me comment­ing on other blogs,” which remains one of the best ways to gain reader­ship, a tactic I have regularly used. It may rely on the mental­ity of if they did something for me I should do something for them, but if the work you produce is high quality there is no reason why people shouldn’t stay and read other things that you have written. I remem­ber one morning looking at my statist­ics and seeing that 1 person had visited my site, but they had been on 13 pages, clearly I had given them good inform­a­tion, however people come if the inform­a­tion you provide is top quality they will come back again. I love comment­ing on other people’s work.

Darren Rowse by America Pink

Of all the tips I have heard from Mr Rowse over the years the most import­ant has to do with under­stand­ing who your reader is, expressed recently as:

Identify who you want to read your blog – Spend time to under­stand your reader” ~ Darren Rowse

Understanding who you reader is I believe is a vital step, I will agree that I have changed over the years (every­one does), but I have spent a lot of time think­ing about who my readers are and truth is reader­ship differs for every site I publish on. I keep analys­ing the actions of my readers  and know there is no simple way to define who your reader really is and how to keep them coming back for more. Other tips Rowse has provided include:

  • Create content that informs, inspires, and inter­acts.
  • Aim to have a big impact upon the readers you already have.
  • Create something to sell.
  • There are many ways to make money from blogging.
  • Be active.
  • It’s OK to let your readers see what you are passion­ate about beyond your niche.
  • If you want your blog to be a business, you need to treat it as a business.

I appre­ci­ate these thoughts I know that I should create something to sell, an eBook, or perhaps I need to upgrade my book and publish a second edition of it. In his video he talks about creat­ing something new by putting fifteen minutes a day into the task and getting the project completed through a series of small steps, it is true that we can all spare 15 minutes in order to push forward a new project.

Getting the Dreams out of Your Head

One of the theme in Rowse’s video is firstly having dreams and secondly doing something about them, at one point he says if you tell other people about your dreams then you commit to doing something about them, especially if you ask them to ask you to provide a progress report on what you have done.

If there is one area I think we can all improve on is getting dreams out of our heads, the dream is differ­ent for all of us, to some extent our dreams do overlap and we should lean on each other when mutually conveni­ent.

ProBlogger how to make moneyI promise you that although Darren Rowse calls himself a geek I believe he is anything but, there is much we can all learn from the ProBlogger, take a look at his website and you will find tips for:

  • Overcoming Bloggers Block — 6 months worth of tips for posts
  • 180 blog post ideas
  • Resources and tools
  • More than 100 podcasts about blogging
  • Tips on how to make money blogging


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    • I write “outside” my niche all the time, it is just that you have to select the relev­ant medium for such pieces — probably a gener­al writing site rather than a focused blog.

      • Yes, I try only to post only to relev­ant sites and communit­ies on both Google+ and Facebook. I find many dump their posts anywhere, which works in no one’s best interest. Thanks for comment­ing Peter!

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