Given Up On Your Blog Yet?

Everyone who has written a blog will have considered giving up at some point in time. Someone once said to me “Nobody reads my blog — what does it matter?” Indeed that is a key question, it is easy to start a blog, it is a matter of writing down a few words and click­ing on the “Publish” button, doing that well is anoth­er matter — it takes time and effort. Mike Senczyszak raises a valid question here and it is one reason why his view needs re-blogging, the truth is publish­ing is the easy part, getting noticed takes the major­ity of the effort and that is an essen­tial part of the process. Please take a look at what Mike has to say on giving up on your blog, truth is there are many blog posts created each second of the day, take a little time to read this one.

Mike questions…

Why do I blog?

Excellent question.

Statistics suggest a new Blog is created every half a second. Do the math and that works out to 7,200 per hour, 172,800 per day, 63 million per year.  Factor in an almost exponen­tial accel­er­a­tion rate over the past three years, and you begin to get the picture.  Astounding.  We’re now living in a world where more people own a mobile device than a tooth­brush.  Wow.  Not sure when it happened, possibly when we slept, but the ‘winds of change’ have evolved into a cyclone.  Nothing short of an EMP blast and complete collapse of the electric­al grid can slow the progress.  That or a zombie apoca­lypse.

Which brings me to the question.  Why do I do it?

Source: Given up on Your Blog Yet?



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