Getting Started with Social Media: Pinterest

Pinterest is differ­ent to most social media sites in that it was built around the concept of pinning pictures and sharing them with the world.

This post is re-blogged from Two Drops of Ink. Lydia Oyetunji takes a lot of effort to explain how Pinterest works and how you can use it to your advant­age, it is one of the newest social media sites and has grown to become quite popular in such a short period and as with every other social site does help any blog writer promote their site from both a social and SEO perspect­ive.

The other aspect of the site, that I have learnt, is that it is very easy to grow a follow­ing. If I am guilty of anything in respect of Pinterest it is that I don’t post enough, something which because of Lydia’s encour­age­ment I am commit­ted to doing more of.

Lydia says…

In 1980 social media made its first début in the form of “Internet Relay Chats” (IRC). Internet relay chat empowered us to send chat messages over the inter­net. Nine years later “Six Degrees” was created and evolved into a major way for people and compan­ies to commu­nic­ate. Six Degrees users could upload a profile and befriend other site users. Blogging didn’t become a popular form of social media until 1999.

Social media started changing the world and the way we commu­nic­ated in 2000. Remember Myspace? Photobucket and Flickr were at the top of photo sharing, but now we have Picasa and Instagram, which are now the leaders by far.

In this article, I will explain the features and benefits of some popular social media sites. How these sites are currently utilized.

Source: Getting Started with Social Media: Pinterest


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