Deadly Sins of Blog Post Writing

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In the realm of writing, one could easily confirm that blogging is more of a science than an art” says Jeff Bullas. Is it? Surely there are deadly sins and they sound more religious than scientif­ic. Few people would agree that anything to do with writing could be elevated to a form of science. Yet intro­duce the topic of SEO and the need to sell product and you, perhaps, get an inkling of where he is coming from.


Deadly Sins?

Devil from Jeff BullasHis post is a great intro­duc­tion to the things blog writer can do wrong and bloggers make the mistakes every day of the week. I guaran­tee you will have made one of these mistakes, I know that I have.

Truth is, I have also learned the lesson. Stopped and thought about many things I have written, the impres­sion they have given. Even at times I have gone back to correct mistakes. That is after all one of the advant­ages of a website that can be edited. There is always a process of learn­ing. To ensure in the future we do not repeat these mistakes

Every writer must learn. They must learn and improve, the reason to highlight those sins here today. Think about this:

Great content is key to any to any great blog, but if that’s the only thing you have to offer, then your blog isn’t likely to go anywhere.”


There is a world of inform­a­tion about algorithms, lead optim­iz­a­tion, SEO and keyword searches, and more, all designed to get your content seen by a massive audience. But beyond those big things, there are some little details, that, when ignored, have the power to ruin a poten­tially success­ful blog.


Blog Killers

He produces a list of seven blog killers to avoid, they are easy mistakes to make, just bear them in mind as you manage your blog. Introducing the subject I concen­trate only on three:

  1. Writing text-only posts
  2. Not having a consist­ent publish­ing sched­ule
  3. Not using social media to promote your blog

For the rest of these tips you will have to click the link. I would like to add a couple of addition­al lessons.


Text Only

One of my sins as an editor and writer is the fact that I moder­ate a gener­al writing site on a volun­tary basis. Every few days I look at the submis­sions. There are some truly excel­lent writers, who create grammat­ic­ally perfect pieces NEVER add pictures to their submis­sions. Two of these are profes­sion­al writers, both Journalists. It is rare for either to submit artwork with their pieces. As a result they don’t seen to gener­ate the interest they should.

Ink pot - CC0 Public Domain ImageWorse there are new writers who fail to read the moder­at­or comments. The fail to Improve. Under the site guidelines their work reaches the minim­al stand­ard of public­a­tion. But again next week they submit anoth­er text-only article, again of the barest minim­um stand­ard. Visual images are freely avail­able on the web. Please under­stand which you can use (like this ink pot) and which you can’t. There are a large number of public domain images. Use these to enhance your work.


Publishing Schedule

I have never been a fan of New Year’s resol­u­tions. 95% are broken by January 15th. I am however a fan of planning. I have a writing sched­ule planned for the next 6 to 8 weeks, which is reviewed and re-planned every 4 to 6 weeks.

Of course there are things on my sched­ule I fail to complete. It happens, but then I resched­ule them a few weeks later. The only thing that inter­feres with that sched­ule is when I have a client deadline to meet. Getting paid overrides everything else on the sched­ule. That sched­ule is vital and I place a lot of import­ance on it. When I have nothing to do that is the file I am reach­ing for…

I won’t talk about Social Media, but if you follow this blog you will know the value I place on it and how it can aid your publi­city.


Source: Sins of Blog Post Writing

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