5 Ways That Authors Can Use Facebook Advertising

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Real writers realise that the creat­ive part of writing is only part of what you need to succeed as a writer. Leveraging the power of social sites like Twitter and Facebook are all import­ant. Sometimes it is essen­tial to consider using advert­ising. Facebook advert­ising may have a role to play in devel­op­ing your site.

Your content is valuable! It is true that much value can be made from normal posts, but sometimes you must go a step further.


Power of Social Networks

Facebook Advertising by Creative PennI’ve got to admit that Twitter is still my favor­ite social network. It’s how I connect with influ­en­cers and find podcast guests, network with other author friends, and I use it to share inform­a­tion every day” ~ @thecreativepenn.

I agree Twitter is under­es­tim­ated as an influ­en­cing tool. But each of the social networks have a role to play. Use each the right way and you can build follow­ers. As with other things in life, timing is everything. Time a Tweet or Facebook Update right and it becomes power­ful. But we do not always have time, hence the need to advert­ise.

With advert­ising you can reach beyond the limits of your network. 


The Power of Facebook

Remember Facebook is one of the most popular sites in the world, with nearly 2 billion regular users. Knowing that it can assist in your business growth makes it a power­ful tool to use. A lot of people use Facebook for a variety of reasons, some of those reasons include search­ing for mater­i­al to help them under­stand partic­u­lar topics.


Authors Can Use Facebook Advertising


after many years of resist­ing she has come to under­stand the power of advert­ising. She considers that Facebook had become a power­ful advert­ising platform. Her primary consid­er­a­tion for use is because of its target­ing abilit­ies. One of the consid­er­a­tions is demograph­ics, where do your readers come from? That may be the best place to advert­ise. If exist­ing readers use that platform then simil­ar people are also likely to use that platform. It removes some of the guess­work normally associ­ated with advert­ising.

Some of the tips avail­able include:

  • Growing your email list to whom she publishes a free ebook and video series all about writing.
  • Using it as a direct sales mechan­ism.
  • Promote webinars, and other on-line events.


Further Details

She goes through how she uses Facebook Advertising. He desire to teach by example, hopefully give you some ideas that will help you achieve your own goals.

Source: 5 Ways That Authors Can Use FB Advertising | The Creative Penn

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