Is Your Life Really as Perfect as It Looks on Facebook?

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Perfect. Is that your life? It certainly isn’t mine. There are many things that are perfect right now, but so many that need to change.

I wanted to link to this unique contri­bu­tion. Although is not directly about writing, it’s very appro­pri­ate and comes from Sonia Voldseth, a holist­ic life coach and counselor. Published on Tiny Buddah, a site I regularly look to find peace and inspir­a­tion. The lessons from this post are something that should be taken to heart by most writers.

Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it.” ~George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones


Hard Truth?

So would most women. Of course there are always excep­tion to every rule. If you are are about to say something then likely you are the excep­tion, or are you?

According to Voldseth this is the way we have encountered life so far. We pu up a “socially accept­able” face to show the world. The rest is hidden under the rug, where we all hope it will stay. That’s where the hard truths go. I dare to say it is human nature.

But we all know the trouble with the rug. Stuff builds up under the rug and eventu­ally you land on your face. Hard truths don’t go away. In the past did this really matter? Probably not, unless you inten­ded to be a politi­cian, or had eyes on celebrity status. Now, in the time of social media — the same is true for all of us.


Enter Social Media

Social media is exacer­bat­ing the histor­ic­al tendency to present only the pretty. We’re justi­fi­ably, and under­stand­ably, really scared about putting the hard truth out there. I heard this once: “I was without a job for 5 years — what does that mean to my resume?” Of course a gap in employ­ment, for example, is like having a prison sentence — except they did nothing wrong. With social media much more is visible.

With social media we have anoth­er chance. Perhaps, the capacity to show we have worth to those around us. Trouble is the world has become so jusge­ment­al. Hence the tendency to hide those imper­fec­tions?


In Trouble?

Naturally, people don’t post that their relation­ship is in trouble. The same is true if they are going to lose our business, or suffer­ing physic­al illness. Perhaps you have some deep emotion­al stuff that you’re working through, or have been diagnosed with anxiety, depres­sion, or have an addic­tion. These are all tough condi­tions and it is natur­al to shield the outside world from person­al imper­fec­tions.

If we did show it to the world. Would it bring a whole slew of support, or deep criti­cism? It’s also a high-risk maneuver. No wonder people prefer to keep it hidden.




Is your life perfect? Despite all of the things that I love about this world I would say it is far from perfect. Most people do what they can to survive. I doubt my life was ever perfect, even when I was earning 1000 times what I do now. In fact those days also had their challenges. Is there any such thing as a perfect world?

Take a look at: Is Your Life Really as Perfect as It Looks on Facebook?

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