How to Increase Blog Traffic Despite Having No Online Experience

Gaining traffic for your blog is a challenge, partic­u­larly for new bloggers, some of the tips offered by Ryan Biddulph include:

  • Have a Clear Blog Topic
  • Know your Perfect Reader
  • Create Posts geared towards your Perfect Reader

His thoughts start…

If you want to know how to increase blog traffic with zero online exper­i­ence you may feel frustrated and lost. Ease your begin­ner worries with these 6 tips.

Desperately trying to figure out how to increase blog traffic but have absolutely no exper­i­ence build­ing a blog? You may be fed up with the slow trickle of visit­ors who accident­ally stumble upon your blog.

After kicking the tires and seeing nothing attract­ive anoth­er poten­tial reader bites the dust. To make matters worse, you have no idea where to look to get proven, practic­al traffic build­ing tips because you have zero exper­i­ence online. I have been in your boat. I was a broke, unemployed secur­ity guard 8 years ago, only knowing how to visit espn​.com and check email before I dove into the blogging game.

For the full details you should read: How to Increase Blog Traffic Despite Having No Online Experience. Truth is anyone can build a follow­ing for their blog.

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