Refresh Your Writing Brain with an Image Board This Week

This link comes form a post by Mary Carroll Moon on her blog “How to Plan, Write, and Develop a Book” called Refresh Your Writing Brain (and Inspire Your Book) with an Image Board This Week. I have modified the title in order to make it fit my blog format.

What drew me into this post was her use of a image board (which I would normally call a vision board). The idea being that you place visual cues on the board  inten­ded to help and inspire you as a writer. This could be anything (from a newspa­per article, to a chart, to a magazine picture) and is prefer­able visual in nature and the way the author was using this as part of her week-long writing retreat. I have used this concept before in a business envir­on­ment, often involving cue words on sticky notes, but it is essen­tially the same as pictures and used to repres­ent something wider than the mere word.

How you as a writer will devel­op your thoughts for your next great piece will differ greatly from that of any other writer, even when you are writing on the same topic. I do agree with Mary that the image or vision board is a way to refresh the brain and drive creation. The truth is all writers need to explore avenues that drive creativ­ity and it is true that “images take you places words can’t.”

As this blog is focused on factu­al writing you may wonder why I include an exercise that is used to fire imagin­a­tion. This is after all a skill needed in the fiction writer’s reper­toire. I believe all writing skills require imagin­a­tion, good non-fiction writers know how to tell a story in an imagin­at­ive way and that comes as a part of your creat­ive­ness as a writer. I especially like the way she links this concept to free writing based on what you see, anoth­er great way to drive inspir­a­tion. Writers need to be creat­ive even if there genre is factu­al writing as demon­strat­ing factu­al point is done best with a little imagin­a­tion.


I urge you to read Mary Carroll Moon’s contri­bu­tion: How to Plan, Write, and Develop a Book: Refresh Your Writing Brain (and Inspire Your Book) with an Image Board This Week



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