A Little Christmas Spirit 😂

Aurora Borealis by manaolofranco CC0 Public Domain from Pixabay

It wouldn’t surprise me if this were a rambling mess. But at some point what is here has to be said, it is the point of Christmas spirit.


What Happened?

“A week before Christmas, and the reader­ship is falling, what a sad state of affairs. What to do? Oh what to do? What to do? All a quandary. Say that again. No!” The Elf of Blogging cried looking at Santa all sad and lonely.

Is this going to be one of those tales of falling support for Christmas? Does Santa have to worry?

Not likely! This is just a silly little blog post to pan out a little time and get into the spirit of the week. Christmas spirit and knowing how it affects us all. Time to catch the Christmas spirit!

Nothing to do, not a care in the world waiting for the first sip of eggnog, during the week before Christmas. Looking out in the sky to the east and the north for the lights of the reindeers pulling a possible sleigh, a visit­ing bearded man perhaps. Seen it once before, or at least he thought he had. That’s the thing about December has an unusu­al sky, it makes you think about what may or may not be.


Aurora Spirit

But he can ride the waves of the Aurora Borealis, light giving the sleigh extra power, the type it needs when it circles the globe.

What can we do? Is it the expect­a­tion of children? Or is there really magic in the air? I like to think the latter but midwinter has that aura, its dark, spooky, just like the Halloween movie, but it’s no longer Halloween we have moved beyond that season, beyond Thanksgiving to the deepest darkest nights of winter. Those darkest of nights, where spooki­ness abounds, yet you are more likely to hear a shout of:

“A Merry Christmas
” Fade through the night air.

Perhaps it is the case of living in Canada. After all it is always 20° colder here than across the border and accord­ing to one email I recently saw we have power cuts and must live on wood fires for all our heat. Can that be true? Not in this house. Where do they think we are? Is this a civil­ized land? I think it is other­wise or I wouldn’t leave here would I?


Enjoy it While it Lasts

There is snow on the ground and it is cold outsideBy this time next week it will be all over, Christmas will be gone for anoth­er year so I guess we should make the best of the season while we still have it.

Pour me a drink, one that is right for this time of year, one that will bring a little cheer, a Brandy perhaps? Maybe we can sit out on the deck and drink it togeth­er and while away time with no end in mind. It is very Canadian to sit outside in mid‐winter we are hardy folk up here, that’s what they tell me. I’ve yet to find that out of course my friends reassure me that I am nearly Canadian (even though I have had the passport for many a year) and they forgive me for being born aboard (maybe they do, I do hope so).





This is, after all, the land of the North Pole, and the place even has a post code to share
 Ho Ho Ho. I can even hear the bearded man saying it in good cheer. He will have much to celeb­rate with the elves.

Will it be a white Christmas? That is something we will only know on the 25th. I have lived 10 years in Canada and have to report that I have yet to exper­i­ence my second white Christmas. That said I had to wait 97% of my current lifetime to exper­i­ence my first, so perhaps I am over anxious to exper­i­ence a second.

Has it been a good year? It has certainly been a classic one. David Bowie started the trend of classic rock stars dying, a sad year for the greats we have lost that is true. We have had weird polit­ic­al movements, led by Britain and our neigh­bours to the south, but lets keep away from that subject. A great Olympic season, the European Nations Cup (with Portugal beating hosts France in the final). Even seeing Toronto FC becom­ing the first Toronto team to make it to the final game in a North American Championship for many a year. Sadly they lost on penal­ties having fought valiantly for 120 minutes.

The spirit of this season it to let bygones be precisely that, gone. The Christmas spirit is all about being good to your fellow man.



I already thanked a good many of my Facebook friends, I would also like to thank those that follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

Take a sip of your favour­ite bever­age, sitting in your cosiest chair and say cheers to a season that won’t be with us for long.


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