How to Analyze/Recognise the Top 5 Trends for Writing?

Trends for Writing

What are the trends for writing? It is something I have explored for some time now. A continu­ing topic of research. Every writer desires to publish a viral post read by millions, but few people have it. Knowing the trends for writing, in your subject areas, can help you acquire more readers.


What is Trending on the Web?

This is such an import­ant question for writers to ask. What is trend­ing on the web? I did a search and found a few trend­ing titles on days when I was research­ing this topic:

  • Ouch by OpenClipartVectors CC0 Public Domain from PixabayBaby! Hippo! Takes! Shower!
  • Watch This Guy Remove His Socks With a Rocket Launcher
  • Build A Chocolate Bar And We’ll Reveal How Mature You Are
  • Elmo Gets FIRED (PARODY)
  • 24 Heinous “Looks” Every ‘00s Girl Tried For A Bit
  • Rally Racer Still Wins After His Car Flips
  • The worst crimes against pizza, from pineapple to mayo
  • Pick A Door And We’ll Reveal Which Fictional World You Belong In

Would you write about any of these topics? Maybe you are not inter­ested in any these, or maybe they compel you to write on one partic­u­lar topic. I still question the wisdom of remov­ing socks with a rocket launch­er though. The point is that sometimes trend­ing topics can help you decide what to write next, especially for one of your speci­al­it­ies.

If you are looking for gener­al trends there are a number of sites that can help, includ­ing:

  • whatstrend​ing​.com
  • global​trends​.com
  • readwrite​.com
  • buzzfeed​.com
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Google Trends (but this only tells you topics trend­ing for Adserve)
  • TechCrunch, if your interest is techno­logy.
  • McKinsey, if your interests are finan­cial.
  • The Economist, for business and finance.


Stay Current

Are you at the start­ing line? How do you stay current with everything that is going on in your special­ist area? Fortunately you can get Google to help you by asking what is trend­ing in your speci­al­ity. Personally, I am inter­ested in the devel­op­ment of Artificial Intelligence, so I have many times asked Google the question “What is trend­ing in artifi­cial intel­li­gence?” Most indus­tries have trend watch­ers, people dedic­ated to finding out the latest and greatest advances and follow­ing them from everything from mere rumour through to product devel­op­ment. Stay current. But temper what you find with your own common sense.

You should find many results listed. If this is a subject you intend to write about it is also import­ant you ask “what can I add?” Answer this and it is possible to recog­nise both the areas that are import­ant to readers and what you can offer. When these inter­sect your reader­ship should take off. Well that is the theory at least.


Public Events

Rio OlympicsIn 2016, when the Rio de Janeiro Olympics was the biggest thing on the planet did your site reflect the buzz gener­ated by the compet­i­tion? Looking forward to 2018 when the FIFA World Cup becomes the world focus will your site be part of the buzz gener­ated at that time?

Let me be clear — it is not possible for every site to tap into the buzz of such events, but it could be an import­ant driver for reader­ship for your site. Perhaps your industry, or your employ­er, has a special interest. Maybe you make special­ist equip­ment used by parti­cipants, is that relev­ant? It could be. Perhaps you have a funny story to tell. Perhaps you know a parti­cipant. There are so many possib­il­it­ies. Sometimes we find the weird­est connec­tions. It may be of interest to some perspect­ive readers and give an oppor­tun­ity to grow your reader­ship.

When other events, like the Oscars, or Grammy Awards, happen are there things you can do to link into the buzz gener­ated? Your industry probably has its events that happen at certain times of the year. Do you need to showcase what you are doing, or join the conver­sa­tion around those events?

Thinking about events in advance can help you prepare your mater­i­al so that it is ready for public­a­tion in a timely manner.


Trends for Writing?

The first question here is how to recog­nise the trends for writing? The start­ing point:

  • Subscribe to trendy blogs, news sites and social profiles.
  • Check out the ‘trend­ing’ sections on social networks.
  • Set up notific­a­tions for keywords.

Those trendy blogs, special­ist news sites and social profiles of people involved can give you some idea of the think­ing of those involved. Follow these sites on Twitter and other social media channels. Search for the things they write or tweet about regularly.

The follow­ing posts may each offer some assist­ance:

Please make sure that you distin­guish between content that is trend­ing and advert­ising mater­i­al that is trend­ing. Many times advert­ising follows normal trends but there are times when it moves in a differ­ent direc­tion altogeth­er, hence the caution­ary words about Google Trends above.


Ahead of the Curve

The biggest challenge for writers is to stay ahead of the curve, give yourself time to prepare your mater­i­al so you are ready when an event occurs. If you are writing about the speak­ers at the next industry confer­ence, find out who is speak­ing, their speci­al­it­ies, their background etc. Without stalk­ing them, you can download the social profiles and follow them to see their tweets. The more research you do before­hand the more ready you are at the event.

One example of this is newspa­per obitu­ary writers will follow certain celebrit­ies, even teen stars. One obitu­ary writer once told me he had a column ready which is up-to-date, and only needs the final, sad details, included to be ready to publish. He had articles on hundreds of people already penned, they had to be regularly updated, for example if they were hospit­al­ised, or had a baby etc. Many were completely rewrit­ten as the course of their career changed. This consist­ent research was his way of being ready for the inevit­able.


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