I show people how to turn their Blog into a power­ful resource, by helping them commu­nic­ate more effect­ively with the power of the written and spoken word and I will frequently talk about social media, because of how it can help bloggers and small business grow. ~ Peter B. Giblett




Peter B. Giblett, the creat­or of GobbledeGoox, has been writing for most of his profes­sion­al life. Much of his profes­sion­al life the writing was more about project reports, propos­als and other factu­al writing — an essen­tial part of the life of any business. Reports are essen­tial, yet most report writers don’t consider themselves as skilled writers. They should.


His origins are from the IT and business world. He left school with plenty of intel­li­gence, but no ability to spell — so it was clear only one profes­sion remained open, the computer world. Soon after he needed to trans­ition and speak to people. He, there­fore persued the only option open, he swallowed a diction­ary and taught himself English (well if the teach­ers could not do it there was only one person who could).


The Spirit of GobbledeGoox 


Archeology, rare originWhat is Gobbledegoox about? The spirit of GobbledeGoox starts with helping people improve their vocab­u­lary, enhan­cing their word-craft and devel­op­ing writing skills in the on-line world. Articles provided here are founded on train­ing, educa­tion, and enhan­cing a writer’s skills. Yet at the same time from a perspect­ive of someone who has had to learn everything along the way.


How to build your blog. more effect­ive commu­nic­a­tions. Getting noticed and devel­op­ing a Social Media presence. All, inten­ded to help any blog writer grow their skills and improve their writing. The blog is such a power­ful tool that any small business should be using. Take a look at our services pages and under­stand how we can help you.




Advice offered shows the opinion, discov­er­ies and perspect­ive of the author. There are other altern­at­ives, but these come from the hard work and thought of this author. They are things I have come to under­stand as essen­tial to succeed as a writer. Each reader will need to assim­il­ate ideas into their own perspect­ive in order to grow.


Everything published here will empower fellow on-line bloggers or writers. Make it possible to follow more adven­tur­ous paths. Do something differ­ent with their writing. Over time we shall provide train­ing courses on better blogging.


We also provide a number of web-based services for bloggers, small and medium-sized businesses. If you need to contact Peter for assist­ance in creat­ing or updat­ing your web offer­ings then please do so through the follow­ing form: