Let’s Collaborate

In a business sense people talk about teams and collab­or­a­tion all of the time. Yet every­body expects a writer to work by themselves (even writers). Collaborative writing is something we should think more about as writers. Take a look at a recent article I published on the multi-award winning site Two Drops of Ink:

Collaboration is not the first thing in mind for the average writer. Should it be? The process isn’t one of working togeth­er on a single story (although it may be). It is more about working togeth­er toward a common goal. Having many people contrib­ute diverse types of mater­i­al, all keeping readers inter­ested. There are distinct types of stories — from writing advice to memoirs, poetry to blogging. All add value to the online world.” ~ What Collaborative Writing Means

As an editor and writer I believe I can assist you to make your site more power­ful. Even if we are in exactly the same field then we have more to gain from collab­or­a­tion that trying to defeat each other.


Footsteps by Unsplash CC0 Public DomainCan you contribute?

GobbledeGoox is always on the outlook for guest contri­bu­tions! Can you contrib­ute? Take a look at the open letter published by Peter Giblett in June 2017. We are partic­u­larly looking for people who wish to write about the challenges they face while writing. Several contri­bu­tions have previ­ously been made of this type:


  • by Lydia Oyetunji, once a writer at Two Drops of Ink who also publishes her own blog called Live… Love… Share… At the time of writing Lydia spent a large amount of time on the road with a big rig driver. Take a look at her post “Truck Driving and Writing: A Perfectly Imperfect Union.”
  • Nancy Czerwinski tells excel­lent stories, I encountered many years ago on a gener­al writing site, an excel­lent story teller. She talks about her person­al challenges in “The Ups and Downs of Writing.”  She is very much the early bird, writing whilst the most energy the rest of us perform is creat­ing some “zeees” in our sleep.
  • Why Do I Write?” asks Mike Senczyszak as he tells us all how he has conquered some person­al challenges through a lifetime of writing. His eccent­ric musings and obser­va­tions on the Solsbury Hill blog are always excit­ing to read  and a source of enjoy­ment each week.

Yours could be next.


Writing Challenges

The point about the topic “the challenges you face in writing” will give hundreds of differ­ent stories, and I am looking forward to your contri­bu­tion, please write an email to me if you wish to make a contri­bu­tion. Before doing so please take a look at the contrib­ut­or guidelines

Email Marketing        I am also willing to speak with writers who are willing to form a mutually benefi­cial alliance where we can help each other’s follow­ing grow, through social media or person­al contacts.

If you are writing and publish­ing a blog you will already be aware of the challenge of build­ing reader­ship. Maybe you are already think­ing about finding an ally who can help you market your work. We can share a common goal, let’s talk.

Before you contrib­ute, please look at our guidelines. If you are inter­ested in writing please contact Peter Giblett and let him know about the type of piece you wish to contrib­ute. Use the follow­ing form: