I show people how to turn their Blog into a power­ful resource. Helping them commu­nic­ate more effect­ively, using the power of the written and spoken word. I will discuss social media, because of how it can help bloggers and small business growth. ~ Peter B. Giblett.


Publish High Quality, Relevant Content

The contents on every page of your site has a story to tell your visit­ors. It is import­ant they have a good impres­sion of your product, brand, and company. A well-written and well-designed site encour­ages visit­ors to stay and dig further to see what you can do for them. It’s all a matter of impres­sion. Firstly it is about attract­ing visit­ors, poten­tial custom­ers and convert­ing them into a custom­er. But it should also be about helping your exist­ing custom­er become a loyal friend and support­er of your business. Content creation matters.
My ComputerIf you need content created for your web site, blog, or market­ing campaign then we can help. We can help you build the content you need. We will agree the scope of all content in advance includ­ing:
  • Agreement to set the maxim­um number of hours used for research
  • Photographic mater­i­al and images neces­sary
  • Podcasts, video
Our aim, to provide profes­sion­al looking results, that maxim­ise the impact of your content and enhance your image in the market­place.
One of the challenges with content is that many businesses have limited staff and budgets so content creation is not profes­sion­ally managed. The result, quality often falls by the wayside or this task is left in the hands of market­ing special­ists who already have their plates full with other projects. We craft profes­sion­al content. Geared to assist you.
We will work with your exist­ing web design­ers, to enhance what your website offers. Alternatively we can redesign the site from scratch.
All of the content we create focuses on your SEO needs for your brand and will help you be visible on the first page in relev­ant searches.

Product Descriptions

BrandingHow you manage you brands are vital to the success of your business. Whether creat­ing a new product or upgrad­ing an old one it is import­ant to ensure that your descrip­tions are appro­pri­ate for your market­place and will help you win custom­ers.

Website Content

Your website is central to the success of your business in the modern world. Make it inform­at­ive to connect you to the exist­ing or poten­tial custom­er. In the modern world it is part of a dialogue, which involves Social Media and tradi­tion­al media alike.  Use our content writing services to create your brand pages.
If you already have a website — it is creat­ing the right buzz for your business? Too many sites have simple spelling, syntactic­al, or grammat­ic­al errors on them as they were not profes­sion­ally written or edited. Our writers and editors will re-polish your site to give it a new look and feel with profes­sion­ally written content. Be proud of your web site once again.

Blog Posts

Ink potBlog posts need to become a centre-point for a conver­sa­tions or perhaps spark a contro­versy in your field. The goal: estab­lish your site as a power­ful resource for the whole community.
We can help you keep your blog updated, creat­ing profes­sion­al posts, designed to enhance your brand image. An image shared on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, and others.

Other Material

In many indus­tries e-books and white papers will enhance the power of your message, it is likely you already have much of the mater­i­al needed, our writers and editors can help you create profes­sion­al looking mater­i­al and ensure your custom­ers can see it in all the right places on your site.
We can also provide:
  • Content Editing
  • Press releases, focus­ing on consist­ency between all advert­ising media
  • Customer newslet­ters
  • Social Media inter­ac­tions


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