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Professional Editor

Written down by Green StreetThe value of profes­sion­al editing is often not realised until spotting errors. There are many reasons you may wish to engage the services as a profes­sion­al editor, includ­ing:

  • Businesses need reports, official memos, manuals, market­ing copy, press notices. Plus other documents profes­sion­ally proof-read and/or edited. Whatever the size of your business we can help you present the right image.
  • Authors needing proof-reading and editing of manuscripts (book, short story, play, or screen­play). We charge a fixed rate per page.
  • Professionals whose first language is not English. We will assist in ensur­ing that your documents are clearly written and grammat­ic­ally correct. You provide the basis of what needs to be said and we will ensure the English is fully rounded and polished.
  • Edit web and advert­ising copy to ensure it is grammat­ic­ally and syntactic­ally correct.

Often outside eyes are neces­sary. The essence of proof reading and editing services are that we correct any errors that may have inadvert­ently been included. We check for both syntax and grammat­ic­al errors. Highlight but not delete redund­ant text, fix problem sentences, and sharpen the vocab­u­lary. Sometimes we re-arrange sentences and paragraphs if neces­sary for clarity. We ensure your style shines through with everything you create.



Works in full compli­ance with:



Other Editing services include:

  • Preparing indexes.
  • Editing and prepar­ing e-books.
  • Layout and design assist­ance.
  • Manuscript editing and prepar­a­tion (fiction & non-fiction).
  • Magazine editing.
  • Business reports.
  • Web copy.
  • We have some exper­i­ence with self published books.
  • High-quality editing on time and on budget.
  • We can help with content creation.


Please drop us a line if you need some work start­ing