Website Audit - Change by rawpixel CC0 Public Domain from Pixabay

Do you need a website audit? When was the last time you updated your website? Validate your website. It matters! These questions need answers. A website audit helps your business improve the strength of your web offer­ings.


How Strong is your Website?

Change and acceptance cycleThere is an assump­tion that once created a website will perform and bring in custom­ers. After the site was first created, much has changed. Laws have changed, your industry has moved on, your business has changed. Is this reflec­ted in your site?

This is where a website audit adds value.

It is import­ant to under­stand that in every business there is a change cycle. It’s a natur­al part of business and is somewhat like the picture shown here. Not every business changes the same way, but all do change over time. Yet with all this change one of the areas that gets forgot­ten is the state of your website. That remains static, created then left unchanged and untouched for years.

Your site needs to reflect the latest think­ing, does it? This is where a website audit shows what needs changing.

Many websites fail to attract custom­ers. There are many reasons for this, which can include how excit­ing the language is, spelling, grammar, how offers are displayed etc.

We will inspect your website and provide sugges­tions to make it stronger. This includes:

  • Style and brand­ing check.
  • Search perform­ance checks.
  • Looking for broken links and ‘dead-ends’.
  • Subscription capab­il­it­ies.
  • Website visib­il­ity — are you found on search engines?
  • Case study valid­a­tion.
  • Social engage­ment

Having audited your site we will make specif­ic recom­mend­a­tions about how to improve your site. ‘Quick wins’ are those changes that need the most urgent atten­tion. You should also consider the item that need address­ing in the longer term and plan to change accord­ingly.


Typical Cost


Each website is differ­ent and it is diffi­cult to give a fixed price for this type of work. Our normal engage­ment involves a half-day meeting with your key members of staff. This help us under­stand your overall market­ing goals and shows where you see the website fitting into that vision. For typic­al small to medium-sized business this is a $250 flat rate (we will let you know if this needs to change)

We charge between $25 and $75 depend­ing on the length and complex­ity of each page on the site. Summary or highlight pages are typic­ally $25 each. Detailed product specific­a­tions, with options and links are normally $75 each. Costs are based on the length of time the review­er takes to assess each page.


Recommendations Report


All website audit engage­ments will gener­ate a report of recom­mend­a­tions. We make these a set of action­able changes with a prior­ity ranking that will be explained in the report. Included are:

  • Quick wins — often small changes that are easily made.
  • High prior­ity — items that dramat­ic­ally affect public percep­tion of your business. Planning a change is neces­sary.
  • Medium prior­ity
  • Low prior­ity

The next move is for you to decide how import­ant change is to your site.